I'm Simple, I love Simple (Sandstorm)

I hope that one day installing an ap on Maidsafe will be this easy.
This is project Sandstorm and wow this is easy:


You can only install and play around with the apps for a while, but it’s fun to see how Apps could just like this work on Maidsafe maybe one day.

You can watch the video of the maker here and there is even one of Maidsafe

Cheers and explore


Good find @19eddyjohn75 :-).

Once we have SAFE OS, this will be a breeze using tech like Docker, or based on Docker.

In the interim, it could be done but would need different app versions and “Docker” style systems for each client OS.

So not far off really.

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Funny that you should say, it’s almost like Docker indeed, but this guy said they are just using the linux kernel our something. I’m to drunk to remember, but if you watch the video you can make sense of what I’m saying.

Yes, they can do that because these are all web apps (running in the cloud and so easy for them to just fire up a Docker or VM with the app ready configured and installed.

SAFE apps run on the client machine owned by the user (your PC, Mac, Windows machine, phone etc) so they will need to be compiled for different operating systems to start with. Once people run SAFE OS directly off the network, an app will just be built for that and could be installed from a Docker like image.

Enjoy your night out!

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Yes your portable app solution is still going ahead. Viv is well aware to get a menu system in place to access all of these. I like the docker approach to, I wish it were more cross platform though, but even with vagrant it’s not bad at all. For linux boxes it has stunning potential.


Woo hoo. Just woo hooo… and woooop! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mark, have a good one and be! If you want a laugh watch a faq video and switch on Google captions, they understand my accent worse than you do :smiley:


I tried a couple and they made my ears bleed so I’ll try them with the sound off (like I do with TV adverts on the rare occasion I’m exposed) and check out those subtitles. Did you read Kash Hill on twitter? Oh, my, she and I are just sensitive souls David, or insensitive perhaps.

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I’ve just been playing around with sandstorm.io too.

It made me wonder if we could port the vault installer/ software to it?

It might simplify the installation on home servers which seems to be a use case a few people are interested in?