I'm Getting 'no data' on omni wallet


Thought I’d check my MAID balances using omniwallet.org, as it has been a while since I last checked.

All I get, after successfully logging in is: ‘no data’.

I then saw a link to omniexplorer.info(in an older thread) for address queries, and sure enough my MAIDs are there.

My question is: Should I stop using omniwallet to check my MAID balances?

I see the balance-checker on omniwallet.org is still working. It’s just a bit confusing logging in and seeing no assets listed.

I am guessing you have not imported your pvt key to onniwallet.
In which case it wouldnt show as an asset to that acc.
All completely normal.

Assets cant show until that omniwallet acc has access to those assets by you entering your pvt key.

I wouldnt enter that pvt key until you want to move those assets though.

I dont think this is true. I see my MAID coins in Omni and I have never uploaded a private key

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Omni explorer and Omni chest are going super slow right now or are having some kind of technical issue. I wanted to see how well the CEP Safecoin video proposal was being funded and I can’t get it to load either.

No reason to stop. Like all web sites they can have down times.

The data is retrieved from their node and if node is over worked then there can be a time out retrieving the data. Thus the message “no data”

Omni-wallet retrieves the data as the page displays and if the retrieval takes too long then both the wallet and balance check can display zeros or “no data”. Basically just try again (later). It is what it is, and they have improved the response of their wallet over time.

You could instead run your own node and not be reliant on 3rd party services.

Is there a simple step by step guide on how to run one on lunix and failing that on windows?

There are binaries for each OS here: Omni Layer: Download
For Linux, download the tar.gz, extract, then execute ‘omnicore-qt’ in the bin folder.

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Yes. By using the check balance function. (Which you do not need to login for.

The OP stated he was logging in.

Thanks, everyone, for your answers.

‘server down for maintenance’ would be better than ‘no data’, but I guess that is why there is a forum.

Thanks again.