I'm excited at the 100% chance of SAFE's full 2016 launch!

Just one statistical thought I’ve had brewing around for a little while. 10 years in development is a great number for such a large system imagined by one person. And the fact that there’s 100% chance that every feature will be seen by next year is cause for a celebration of certainty, in my book. I hope everyone keeps this in mind. Once it’s ready, go out there and be the most social humans have seen in recent time, helping people make the network possible.


Are you saying you are 100% sure that all features are going to be delivered or that there is always a chance that features could be delivered?

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Back in august I remember there were some people making assumptions that in the next two months or so, by November, we will have a functioning network…I told them to re-measure their excitement and wished David and the Maidsafe team all the best ,to take their time and not rush things because I was gonna wait for the network in 2016 :smile:

You can still look for these threads and find that some people were not even considering that we won’t have the network by the end of 2015. True you can’t blame them but at the same time we, all the supporters of this network, must be realistic in our vision.

This being said I think you are right and 2016(by December :smile: ) for sure will have a running network but maybe not all the cool features. The network that I am imagining will take 2-3 more years,a lot of partnerships,community involvement,endorsements but that network will be awesome!


I was also sceptical about the certainty about a live network in 2015 and I remain sceptical for 2016. Certainty is imho something that one should have while working on a project, not while watching others working, but here on the forum are some individuals who will assume that you are bitter and pessimistic being if you don’t cheer along, so I guess I better duck and cover :wink:


Booo!! :wink:

Very quotable. I agree.


It’s true what you say and I admit there is a possibility as with everything in life, but small imo, there will not be a live public network by the end of 2016 but I prefer to focus on the the other side right now, the positive one, much more :smile:.
The “funny” fact is that the highest chance ( pinpointed by OP) is the network will become reality next year, statistically speaking :+1:


I’ve been here since 2014 watching every move (granted, not deep within the github/team, etc.). After witnessing every major action of this community, the neural networks that have formed within my body I think are enough to accurately express this opinion that is heavily based on facts. The code was rewritten from scratch during a decent portion of this year, while setting into motion a weekly business plan to continually knock out tasks. All the effort spent this year on things other than that will now be spent on that. @sfcoin’s post added some good thoughts to consider as well.


But that’s not the reason I think that

IDK about timelines, I’d just be happy with hopefully an update for now :slight_smile:

…unless they are doing some uber important code session, which is highly likely, and makes the wait totally worth it :smiley: go team!


I have been finding myself coming back to this post regularly over the last few days… IDK… What am I looking for? Hope?

How many of you guys out there think that 2016 will be the last time we find ourselves waiting this network, and the first time we see the world using (at least drafts of) it?


I would of like to see safe coin around by now as capped currency on a very basic platform on a vault. at least I would not have to buy tokens and have the real deal.

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Only a few major hurdles left (e.g. data chains… wonder how many months it’ll take), and a lot bigger team.

So I was 2 years off, sue me!
(Okay I’m just begging the gods at this point, for a 2018 release.)