I'm beginning to price things in MAIDSAFEs... Oh ohhhh

Caught myself converting the price of my morning commute coffee in to MAIDSAFE. Multiply by 2 will give you an upper bound in the EUR, GBP, USD .

“That will be 4 maids please” is what I heard.

Made me realise more that maid is already at quite a respectable price.


You’re lucky. I haven’t even got one yet. I am so freaking anxious to test out the network. This is going to be the engine that got the jetsons home.


Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

You will get your trusted status 1 membership level in no time. Did you catch my shortened video guide to getting on to the network once you reach basic user level?

Edit: ignore the “test 17” title. I just posted it in that thread. Direct link below.

Made a video on Test 17 to share with everyone I know

No need to wait to test the network to get coins, you can buy them right now on exchanges.


Thanks. I’m watching it now. I don’t know how I didn’t see that during registration with the bot.


Wow. I am close. I will definitely stick to the narrow path and not cheat my way in. Thanks. What’s your connection to the project?


Im just another member of the public, stumbled upon this project and was amazed.


How are you earning coins?

You have to buy MAID at the moment. You’ll be able to farm SafeCoin once the network has launched.

Zoki has made a few coins as donations from the community for his videos, but you can’t earn MAID unless you can find a job that a MAID holder wants done really :slight_smile: . They are currently trading at about $0.50 on the big exchanges - poloniex, bittrex, kraken etc. MAID converts 1 to 1 with SafeCoin post launch.

As a Question:

Is the only way to Farm Cryptocurrencies via donating Hard Drive Space for these dedicated De-centralized Internet Browsers and servers? Or via someone being generous and wiring the currencies to you?

You can also earn them by making a useful app that people use a lot, the network rewards that (PtD/Pay-the-developer) or buy/exchange them for other cryptos or fiat through any number of exchanges. Given that farming is supposed to be a kind of 3-click, granny-proof process you’d imagine most would farm for free coins rather than buy them. Using the network should be very cheap, so you should be able to earn as much as you need to use the safe network.