I'm a complete noob. Getting started

Hi everyone. As already said in my “introduce yourself” post, I’d like to understand how to support this project. I want to invest some money into the MaidSafe token but I’m literally a noob and don’t know how or what to do. I have been looking for info, but I still don’t understand If and what I have to install on my pc.

I have created an account on omniwallet and tried to install armory because I have seen people doing it but I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Thanks in advance

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I can maybe walk you through how to get started.

With your omniwallet you’ll create login creds, BUT MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR PRIVATEKEY. You can loose your omniwallet login details, but if you got your privatekeys you can always access your assets.

Buy bitcoins first and after that go to an exchange, you can find them here which ever works best for you:

After you bought Maidsafecoins from the exchange send the Maidsafecoins to your Omniwallet. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR OMNIWALLET WALLETID & PASSWORD. MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR PRIVATEKEY.

Enable 2fa on omniwallet, if you have any questions just ask. This is just broad strokes, but I can get into details if needed.


I have edited this post by mistake and now I don’t remember what I wrote.

There isn’t a way to obtain Maidsafe Coin directly with FIAT currency. You will need to purchase some Bitcoin or obtain another altcoin, sell that for Bitcoin and then use that Bitcoin to buy Maidsafe Coin.


You can make a Bitcoin paper wallet to hold your MAID offline


Which are the best exchange sites to trade Fiat currency into Bitcoin (and then MaidSafe) and the other way around? The “transaction fee” seems incredibly high on some sites.
I have tried changelly just to see the conversion rate. 1250 would net me 1281 MaidSafe. Which multiplied to their actual value (0,70) give me 896,70 . There’s a 350$ fee on one exchange? Am I doing something wrong?

I understand the need to keep things as simple as possible when your starting out. I know your query wasn’t exactly asking this but I’ll be very upfront and offer my humble opinion that I think most new people in the space without a tech background need to consider a paper wallet.
If your investment is to be successful in years to come you need to be thinking seriously about security NOW and not then.
Paper Wallets as someone mentioned above aren’t complicated and ultimately leave you in total control of your hard earned money. I take that responsibility on myself and even with a tech background it’s man over machine for me in this regard, a no brainer.
Just my humble opinion though :wink:

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I’m not against paper wallet even If I don’t know how to create one yet. I’m so dumb I’m not even able to find my private key (I mean where to look for within my online wallet -> Omniwallet).

Well I guess I need to study a lot. But I’m determined and positive.

To create a paper wallet, you can just go to a place like bitaddress.org and it will create one for you. You seed it some random information via mouse movement or typing random characters, and it will spit out a public/private key pair for you. Make sure you keep this information safe and secure, offline. If you have a home safe, I would print it out and put that piece of paper in there (hence “paper wallet”). You may want to print out a second copy and keep it outside your house somewhere in a trusted place (give it to a sibling, parents, close friend, etc.), in case something crazy happened, like you got robbed or a house fire. You have to remember, without that piece of paper, all your coins are essentially gone forever.

Just send your coins to the public address from that paper wallet. Then, with your omniwallet.org account, you can add your public address as a “watch” address without giving them your private key, so you can keep an eye on your coins without compromising your security. When it comes time for you to send some or all of them, you can import your private key to omniwallet.org and then send it via their system. If you only sent some of your coins, and not all, I would create a second paper wallet, and send your remaining coins to that public address, to again, move them offline and secure.