I'll be writing a new article on Medium. Feel free to offer your input and suggestions

I’ve been super busy lately and not had the time to sit down and devote any mental energy to SAFE related things but since being awarded a new position at a pretty cool little company my schedule should allow for a bit more structure which means I can get back to cracking out some articles.

This next article topic is gonna be about how SAFE will more than likely solve the problem that content creators have where they have to rely on advertising revenue.

For those that might not be aware this has always been a problem on the Internet since the very inception of user generated content and profit sharing programs but increasingly in the last few years when the ultra offended have demanded web giants and their advertisers punish content creators for [insert reason] by removing ads and hence cash flow from their pockets.

I’m also going to discuss how this not only effects content creators but it effects all of us regular people who just want to read, watch or listen to something without being bombarded by ads (was in the car today and because I’d been off work for a couple weeks I’d forgotten how completely over filled with advertising the radio is).

And of course I’ll be telling the reader how the SAFE network along with its Safecoin will allow for this game to be changed for the better.

So if you have any thoughts, opinions, remarks or would just like to throw your 2 cents out there, be my guest.

I’ll be starting in a day or two and aim to finish on the weekend.

For newbies that don’t know, I’m the resident idiot that has no clue how to write but I’m a loud mouth (I don’t even know if that makes any sense but you know what I mean) and so I try :slight_smile: https://medium.com/@A.Wheel


Cyptoeconomic models for attracting venture capital money for app developers. Is the current token model viable? Isn’t this about removing middlemen? Will people carry 100’s of coins in their wallets for each app/service? How do you get investor money to build an app that will use the underlying platform coin? Where’s the return if fees are not possible? Indirect additional speculation on the platform coin what supporting different app projects? How to support continued development of Dapps without tokenization? What are the other potential economic models for apps?

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