Ignoring trolls and other undesireables

As interest in the project grows, we attract more forum participants. Unfortunately this can have mixed blessings as this particularly civilised outpost on the internet is visited more frequently by those unused to the (generally) friendly ethos here.
Banning numpties is not something the mods want to have to do. It goes against the grain of the basically non-authoritarian stance here.
The answer is to ignore those whose posts are impinging on your serenity.

Here’s how…

  • Click on your avatar at top right

  • Then click on your name on the left of the drop down

  • choose ‘Preferences’

  • Then ‘Users’

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Note: This does not work for mods, you can’t ignore them…


And if you want to save yourself from the Covid-19, turn on the Dark Theme:


But, but I thought all we had to do to protect ourselves was by drinking rakia and inserting essential pickles rectally?
Or am I confused?


no, no, continue with the suppository treatment, we insist


What you say is true. But one cannot be too cautious. It’s better to test everything invented by scientists


The rectally applied pickles advice did not come from a scientist.
Happy to try the rakia protection though…


Total missmatch between the fear mongering and Google Trends on ‘corona virus.’ Not that Google Trend isn’t gamed at times. Trying to push the fear needle to make strong father tyrants seem more appealing in elections.


Howly Jaysus, What is your man on about, entirely?

Hmm I think somebody needs a boy friend right away… any pickles out there up for the job?


We should make a public list of those undesireables so it’s easier for everyone to block them!

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No, smacks of authoritarianism.
Everyone should make up their own mind as to who they want to block.
OTOH I can make my own list and circulate it on request, so can you. But this is something that should NOT be done by MaidSafe either officially or in anyway connected with the moderators of this or any other forum related to the project.


I hope it stays this way and this post will not become a place to point to every time someone says something against the doctrine.


What might be helpful is a way to show you think something is offensive or trolling. Perhaps another button similar to like or better one that is hidden and only the poster sees. that way if you make a post that sounds offensive, then if you did not mean it, you could review the post and perhaps edit it a wee bit to be more respectful, or not of course :wink: .


TBH I think we are getting hung up on what is in reality a very small problem.
We have better things to do.

If a poster REALLY REALLY annoys you, use the steps shown in the original post.


a responsible and innovative approach to redesign the way we communicate online is offtopic, for sure, but still very important part of fixing the internet we should sometimes think about;)

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Sure you have point there OK , that last post was a general comment, not a direct riposte to you personally :slight_smile:

Trolls aren’t too bad here. It can be much and much worse


Ignoring undesireables, is an interesting topic.

Trolls are one kind of mindless thing; other kinds of provocative, present a similar problem.

Put anything out there and people will have an opinion about it; where there is consensus, there is a null controversy but where there is difference of opinion, having tools to help manage that difference, can be useful to empowering people with option to choose.

There is a parallel I wonder with the way media and politics has tended to binary extremes. People cuss at media and politics, for being lazy and I can’t suggest it is deliberate but presenting options that cater to extreme positions, is a lazy, almost optimized, way of catering to all. The least effort, see maximum reward.

The same option to maximize reward, is available to marketing. Where you look to cater to the [open minded and close minded]; or [optimistic and pessimistic], each audience will want different emphasis.

The provider of any topic, may fairly not care to cater to all interests and cannot expect to… but the flipside is that the observer will want topics that are to their interest and not what offends them.

Yet, I wonder with tool comes risk… provide a good tool and you end up creating echo chambers… and from echo chambers, trolls! :japanese_goblin:

What politicians miss, is that the effort to not pander to the easy solution, is where the value lies. Too many lazy opportunists and not enough feedback, has led us to where we are…

How to avoid echo chambers?.. :thinking:

One option perhaps is the sum of other’s opinions, which might soften the risk of defaulting to extremes. Then, only the extremes which have a common consensus are excluded and less often where the perception of the individual is in error.


It’s important that we don’t become a groupthink echochamber. Trolls don’t bother me one bit.

We do need to protect from personal attacks however.