If you find yourself suddenly logged out

…then simply log in again, it won’t happen again.

Longer explanation
Earlier you could go to either maidsafe.org or safenetforum.org and if you had logged in at maidsafe.org and followed a link to safenetforum.org (or the other way around) you would find yourself logged out. The redirects are set up properly now so you will always end up at safenetforum.org. That means that if you used to go to maidsafe.org you might be logged out now.

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Here’s another great example that our current internet is not smart enough.
You can come to this site through:


Why don’t these systems just know that they are all the same site? It would also be great if they just redirect all the sites to the https which is preferable. I really hope that we improve these logic things on the Maidsafe network. WHY SHOULD A SITE ADMIN REDIRECT LOGIC LINKS STILL? (yeah here I go again bashing the old internet, but if me improve these small details, we might save people time & Safecoins)