If Maidsafe is supposed to be so damn good why aren't more people investing?

People aren’t investing more in maidsafe because the main piece of code that will make the whole thing work still hasn’t proved itself, which is the consensus mechanism. This will be the next milestone that will send the price to new highs.


There it goes the “everyone is biased but me” meme :wink:

The current price of Maidsafecoin is determined by the fact that the promised product hasn´t been delivered yet and that deadlines have been stretched. There is no doubt more people would invest if there was 100% certainity that the goal is going to be reached. I don´t see the big news here. If you invest you see potential and want it to be used. Whether it will be used eventually is another question. The people who invested into the project in first place are still looking onto massive gains and the team is committed if you are able to read the Github, so there is 0 reason to divest. Meanwhile, your argument seems to be “it took X years to develop Y, so it will take X years to develop the SAFE network”. I guess you see that this is a pretty undercomplex argumentation.

Anyway, everyone is free not to invest and of course you are also free to talk about why you don´t invest (although it seems bit pointless to me ;))


By the time safecoin is tested and launched into the live SAFE Network, you will probably think, I missed the boat.

Given group think and mass market speculation, I’d advise to buy as much as you can “lose” before the network even launches. The investor math just doesn’t work out when you realize you could have bought in at 0.0001 of a BTC, compared to say 0.01 of a BTC when Safecoin launches. Of course this is my speculation, but that’s what this entire thread is about.

After seeing the Bitcoin boat come and go in 2009, I see the massive potential of the SAFE Network, and ignoring its phenomenal communications utility for the purposes of this thread, from a speculation point of view, this is a gold mine.


ooooor the tests show it doesn’t work :open_mouth:
(i myself invested a little bit again today =D )

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It’s more likely that part of the original design can not scale as vast as envisioned, or a particular feature will need to be remolded to fit. They’re already at the point of minor bug testing and (100+?) nodes have been tested successfully.

I think we’re past the point of questioning if the entire network gets off the ground. I’m a SAFE fan boy, so I’ll dare to use this analogy. It’s like when the Wright brothers first got their plane to fly for more than 30 feet under its own power. That was more like a bounce. We’re witnessing the point in time where full controllable flight is about to happen over a 100 yards.

And to get back to this thread, people in the town could speculate if flight is going to be popular and will affect certain industries by buying shares.


yeah i 100% agree :slight_smile: great things to come now =)


I’m favorably impressed by what I’ve seen so far: the people, their ethos and technology.

As a contrast: I had a brief look at NXT and was put off by the sheer avarice that came through, with their prominent promoter going on in interviews about how it was such an opportunity for people who had “missed out” on being “in on the ground floor” of Bitcoin.

No, that’s not why I would be interested in this kind of technology. Making money has its place but this kind of technology is of interest to me because it has the potential to be a very great hammer to create change.


Mainstream people who have a lot of money typically want to make more money. At the same time very poor people who don’t have any money typically want to make some money.

Politically obsessed people with a manifesto and life mission are actually quite rare and are seen as martyrs. There aren’t very many people like this which is why people consider them heroes.

If you want to see the price of Safecoin go up then you have to attract people who care about making money. Otherwise you want to attract people who care about privacy but these people might not care about the price. Hopefully they are talented and add value and utility if they have no money.


If maidsafe continue to deliver, the money will come. If everything works as planned, it will be too lucrative for speculators to ignore.


Why will the money come? Because if you build it? You are relying on faith? Is Maidsafe a religion and is Safecoin the God of cryptoanarchism?

Why do you build on assumptions without facts?

  1. Where and who is the money supposed to come from?
  2. How and why will they give money to SAFE Network?

People who have a lot of money seem to like the dollar and seem to be happy with the privacy offered by offshore bank accounts. Why do they need SAFE Network?

Of course, it is a prediction that people will invest, however not all predictions are religious. We can rely on empirical data: There are a lot of people on the crypto market who expect the next big thing to come from cryptocurrency based technologies and bet money on it. It´s not a wild guess. You can see that in all sort of projects over the past 5 years. History has shown that you can make a lot of money by investing in crypto projects.
Most of the projects are insofar high risk that you don´t even know the developers and major stakeholders. You don´t have roadmaps, you have a high possibility that people control the market and still people invest. There is a reason why Maidsafe was able to fundraise Millions with barely anything in comparison what they have today.

Some people here seem to have issues with understanding that investment is not a money printing machine but risk management. Anyone of us, including the people at Maidsafe know whether things will work out as planned. Maybe it turns out that they don´t get a stable system running. Maybe efforts are doomed due to regulations. Maybe the core developers decide not to work on it anymore and the whole thing needs to be developed by other people, increasing the risk of failure. This is all part of investment. You put down money based on the expectation of increasing value.

The initial question “why aren´t more people investing” shows a lot of ignorance regarding investment. With any project at any moment there can be more poeple investing. If people feel sceptical about success they sell off, if they are optimistic they invest. That´s also why complaints against “bias” are slightly ridiculous, because subjective expectations is what drives ALL investment/divestment. This is not a money printing machine, but a project that can fail.

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With growing pressure on the hegemony of the dollar, rising Precious Metals prices, more and more (still controlled so far, but I’m worried that might change) dumping of dollars and treasuries by China and Russia amongst more… With the Panama Papers out there, globally growing privacy awareness, companies like Heartland, Sears, Sony, Target, Dropbox and others being hacked for data and financial information… There are quite a few use cases to be found for Safe Network and Safecoin, I think.

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This is very true. The adoption and success of the Safe Network relies as much on solid business principles as it does on its leading technology. Ignoring the importance of funding and investor returns is actually worse than ignoring bugs in the code. Both will bring MaidSafe down but failure to pay the electric/internet bill instantly kills all chances of success.

Greedy evil bastards that love to make money have partnered with the Maid team, like it or not.

@luckybit … Are you kidding? :slight_smile: … you been living under a rock? How do you spell PANAMA PAPERS?

EDIT: The higher percentage of high visibility entrepreneurs in the crypto space made shitloads on bitcoin and that financial independence allows them to play 24/7 at whatever they want.

People knew aids existed but that didn’t make people wear condoms right away.

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Good technology is useful. Useful technology is valuable. People invest in what looks likely to be more valuable in the future.

I am not going to list why I think safe net will be useful - this should be obvious to anyone here. If Bitcoin is considered valuable, safe net will almost certainly be, due to its advanced potential feature set.

Maidsafe obviously needs to pay their bills, but the thread title looks to mean investing in safe net (as in buying maidsafecoin).


Uhm…what!? 20chars…

And we all know what happened to those people risking their lives like that anyway… They died.

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Unfortunately there isn’t any evidence that people do this. People seem to only buy something after a disaster has occurred. Only after disaster do many people say it’s time to upgrade.

I do believe in the technology, but what matters more is that we seem to have a pretty solid up-trend developing (stronger than anytime recently), so maybe it’s the right time to start considering buying some MAIDs. Don’t blame me if you lose all your money though :kissing_cat:

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But disaster has already occurred. At this point we’ve pretty much lost count of how many people have been hacked or spied on and we’re now beginning to see the effects:

“Almost half of all internet users are deliberately limiting their online activity due to concerns about cybersecurity…”