If Maidsafe is supposed to be so damn good why aren't more people investing?

I’m confused because all the so called ‘supporters’ of Maidsafe are only too willing to shout about how amazing Maidsafe is but are we really that egotistical to think that our small group of members sees the potential in something the rest of the world and cryptocurrency specialists don’t?! I can’t help but think that if the concept of Maidsafe really were possible then the investment going into it would be phenomenal but the truth is it isn’t, in fact it’s quite the opposite…The truth is Maidsafe is far from being considered ‘a favourite’, therefore if we are going by odds alone it would seem that maidsafe and its current investers (including myself) are doomed to lose everything…Sorry to be negative…but just stating the obvious ( as i see it)

The market cap of maidsafecoin is between 5 000 000 and 21 000 000 USD (today 6 300 000 USD and rust5 not online). No investor ? It’s christmas time, relax and come back in 10 days ? :smile:


Christmas Time? That explains why Bitcoin has gone up (again)

We aren’t at the same step of BTC. And when BTC up you need to be happy because it’s always a good news for crypto world. Maid will have a real price at launch. And just for information, altcoin always down when BTC up, a lot of guys or bots play with that. But after launch, Maid wont be an altcoin, it’s more than that.

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Most successful crowd sale in history would suggest that actually people were pretty into the idea of the tech and its potential.

That’s when it was still an idea, now that the networks nearly done and it’s going to be a real tangible thing…well…you do the math.

In my opinion you shouldn’t have invested in it if you weren’t willing to see it through to at least the network being realised. Hold tight, it was never about a quick buck. Bear in mind Bitcoin had a similar start and had a much lower market cap for a lot longer.


Again?Are you kidding? The pumping Bitcoin is continued 3 months :slight_smile:

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bit coin skyrocketed within a year of it launching according to stats

IMO, very few people invested in bitcoin have ANY interest in alt-coins (or in MAIDSAFE case, tokens). Many invested are companies/funds that are solely into bitcoin.

Out of the few that are interested in altcoins, there are many alternatives and it’s likely that only a small number of these have taken the time and effort to examine the merits of many altcoins.

That leaves very few who have seen it, understand it, have a willingness to invest in it, and have the capital to invest it. So, it’s not a large number.

If you think, after your own research, that it is a good investment, then invest … but if you follow the herd in your investing, you risk running off a cliff. Such investors are called sheep and lemmings for a reason. Have the courage to trust your own ability to analyze, rate, and rank your potential investments yourself.


Cryptocurrency investors are rarely rational.

If SAFE was being pumped and dumped more frequently would that make it’s programmers or it’s design better?

Seems like you are putting the cart in front of the horse…

The investment period happened well over a year ago. The development team is funded. What speculators choose to do has nearly zero bearing on anything.


hey you’re that guy I called an asshole (probably causing my post to not get a single Like) and regretted it. Well, looks like the trend is continuing, actually, except I don’t think I regret it any more.

But anyway the developers are keeping it intentionally low-key until everything is worked out. Rest assured everything is under control, except for anyone who hasn’t read everything.


SAFE is a relative obscure and incomplete project overwhelmed by a barrage of other similar projects. Great notoriety and understanding will only come once something interactive comes to market. Your feelings are completely understandable. Your presence here suggest that you DO see the potential. It seems your hoping for conceptual solidification to justify your continued presence here. All I can suggest is that follow the github repository and the economics threads on this forum. If you can’t, I don’t think it fair or logical to downplay what you don’t understand. :wink:


Bitcoin was invented in 2009 and was only widely adopted in 2014, when it hit it’s all time high

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Also SAFE Network hasn’t launched yet! So a year from then yeah…:wink:


SAFE is not a favorite because if it works it means a lot of BS in the world could be in very serious trouble and most investment is both BS and backed by BS.


I am waiting for SAFE coin to invest more…

In theory SAFE coin should be priced the same as the resources which you can access when you buy SAFE coin.
Unless resources become scarcer the coin should not appreciate once the network is up (the farming rate and other mechanisms should ensure that) so it may be more appropriate to say “save” than “invest”, unless you assume the above doesn’t hold or isn’t true in the first place.

It isn’t true

Safecoin has got more utility than buying spare resources from the network only. Even if it didn’t its price could also be influenced by speculation.

Like I said above, it has more utilities than buying spare resources only.


You could have said that about BTC in it’s early years as well. SAFE doesn’t use a blockchain so it has a completely new consensus model that has to prove itself in practice first. It also takes a lot of time to understand SAFE on a technical level, and most people in the crypto world don’t have that much time to spend.


Just like Bitcoin?? People give whatever value they want to the coin. The network will adjust itself to that.


Fine, that’s your opinion, but how does that reflect on the statement which is being discussed? (below)

I don’t know what the added utility in this context of delayed investing means. Does justin mean to say that 1 SAFECOIN will be more worth (in BTC, or fiat) than 1 MAID is worth today, because the utility will be higher?
In that case it’d make more sense to invest in MAID today.
So even if your argument stands, Justin’s statement doesn’t.

Daily movements and hype driven cycles happen anywhere.
If whatever value is possible, what is the point of waiting for SAFECOIN to be released to buy more?

I was commenting on that specific statement and obviously didn’t include other obvious truths. But what you and Melvin offered in arguments doesn’t help Justin’s Theory of Profitable Wait.
If the utility of each MAID will become higher once it’s converted to SAFEcoin and the network becomes usable, one should buy now. If we don’t know what will happen, it also doesn’t make difference whether one buys now or later.
Unless someone can highlight one scenario in which his statement makes sense, then his statement is unlikely to be true.

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