If Maidsafe had a catch phrase

Two of the most recent I really dig from everyone are
The internet made safe
Safe space.
Safe space I think sounds cooler than safe network even. Not so formal and emotive enough.

A bit off the wall,but maybe a play on words whilst retaining the maths element - I’m thinking “Logical Equality”…for which there’s also a handy sign which can maybe be animated to spin out from the Safecoin logo:


I used to work for an agency and to roll out a new strap line (or new brand) there is quite a lot of work involved to do it well. Trying to convey the essence of a brand in just a few words requires quite a lot of consideration. We used to use a brand wheel to help organise and co ordinate thinking with each client.


I like safe space… A variation on that:
“come join your safe space”

Also my own:
“Liberate yourself - safe the world” :smiley:


SAFEty in numbers

Hehe, dunno, maybe a base for something better.

Personally, I feel Secure Access For Everyone is really great. Concise, inclusive, and an accurate description of the long term aspiration/goal of Project Safe.

Physical security of data does not exist anywhere in the world of IT, networks.

Autonomous network.

= Secure Access For Everyone


The Internet Is Now “Maidsafe” For All…

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You are the key to access; SAFE network.

SAFE for all and all for SAFE


I like that one! (More text to reach 20 characters)


You are the Internet, the network is you.

“Finally, my internet”

Be SAFE. short and sweet


“I cant believe it’s not internet”


“Secure Access for Everyone” is really ideal because it speaks to the larger context that almost all of us now find ourselves in.

We come here under the fabled category of overpopulation. We aren’t being welcomed into Fuller’s 6 plus billionaires living peacefully together in perfect ecology. We don’t have secure access to opportunity or the good life. We are coming into a franchise that is spoken for and we are unwelcome. Its set up so that we start off in a debt that can’t be repaid. We don’t at present have secure access to opportunity or the good life. We have systems that fill us full of denial and place us on treadmill to keep us tired out so as to minimize the threat of our freewill. We are products.

Secure access is always being empowered with the choice to opt in or opt out. We don’t have that right now. Secure access would be a piece of property in a temperate area that was paid for and contained the means with installed onsite automation to provide for our energy food and shelter needs in a comfortable way. So that we could say no if we wanted to. There would be no one to coerce us into anything. There would be no basis for suppressing tech as so few would have been compromised enough to lie for money or listen to money based lies. Coming from a place of access and security our ear and eye for reason and even our number sense would give us a better feel for what is right and what might be in the interest of future generations.

Imagine, no bills, no debt. No gas bill and no gasoline bill, no cable bill, no internet bill, no phone bill, no water bill, no electric bill, no mortgage, no food bill. Access to world of open source tech and a fabber.
No need for a job. Nothing like a job that would provide anything less than the best compensation and treatment because all jobs would be completely voluntary- we’d never be in the prostitution of selling our labor. This is the promise of secure access for all. Its secure access to the good life, its up to each of us to choose it. And still up to each of us to find challenges in life to scale the rest of Maslow’s pyramid. But all of us would have the base as a welcome to this would. It’s our inheritance.

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Safenet : The great Internet do-over


Safenet: A phoenix rising from the ashes of our privacy


“level playing field” I think that would especially appeal to business, even though its the end user that I think is the only real stake holder and real determinant of success. No more cheating through sponsorship-censorship-bribery.

Slogans evolve with what a company/platform is currently focused on, i.e. it changes year to year. Maidsafe the company, as I understand it will focus on development of applications to be built on top of the safenetwork, essentially becoming a competitor/collaborator on the very platform it created. If we are talking about a slogan for the safenetwork to clarify its purpose then perhaps a slogan that appeals to becoming a contributor to the development of a freer society is a good start. Then once it has matured a bit the slogan could focus on inviting more participants to use the apps created for the free world.

I agree it’s meaning will have an evolution and its application variant but I think broadly speaking a p2p internet that is more secure. This thread was never intended to come up with an actual catch phrase just to see what other people see in it in a summed up phrase more or less, that they could use the next time they explain it to a friend.

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“Your dick in your box”