If I want my authenticator to authenticate at a remote network, do I need to run authenticator on a remote ip as well?

The authenticator daemon is run https://localhost:33000 by default.
If I want to authentacite a node network that’s located at 192.x.x.x, do I need to run the auntenticator daemon at this ip address?

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No but you need to be able to make sure your machine can “see” that address. [edit also make sure your authd is not set localhost or similar]


Thanks! I just managed to get this working:

server machine

> files put /home/folaht/safe/file.txt
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyry39mdzqz1ctuf1n6hsf8edc7zgwshne3gh7586cr4ocqbtjwxmi5anra"
+  /home/folaht/safe/file.txt  safe://hy8oycyxp9kd3cf7iwoje8jddyu9fioo7ksxxs3mgesxowr6mkeb8oxjqsa 

client machine

> cat safe://hy8oycyxp9kd3cf7iwoje8jddyu9fioo7ksxxs3mgesxowr6mkeb8oxjqsa
Hello world!

Excellent well done - can we see the exact syntax you used to set up the auth daemon and the nodes please?

@bochaco and others - can you run let us know how yo do this in-house?

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congratulations folaht!


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