If exchanges do not want accept omni layer because is old etc, dont we want to create more modern way, to get maid to exchanges?

if exchanges do not want accept omni layer because is old etc, dont we want to create more modern way, to get maid token to exchanges?

I think that’s what the transition to MAID ERC20 will be? Which is being done by a third party community group, and should be done incredibly soon, according to them. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)
In fact it actually is done and just being finalized and posted, as far as I’m aware.


boom, still not 100% finished?

Hello, I’m interested to. Does the MAID ERC20 transition will be ready soon?

Let’s define soon first.


Soon=to 3 week

Indeed “soon” doesn’t always means the same… But I would have though a “soon” like “before end of 2021”.

The thing is I think I read some message from someone involved saying that is was almost ready a few weeks ago (can’t fin the message again)

And moreover I’d be very pleased to be able to easily trade MAID, and more than that, that would be much easier to manage my MAID with my Ledger.

The only pain in the ass is… the fu***g fees on the Ethereum chain…

Can the fees problem be fixed? I heard Eth team was lagging behind Bitcoin for updated tech, and that it eventually will update: hopefully in one way related to fees, but I have no idea, personally.

what about do this on cardano also?

It’s already fixed to a degree with 2nd layer rollups that are being released, like Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. It will take awhile for them to mature and be adopted

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All ERC20’s will be copied onto the PULSEchain network when the fork from ETH occurs in the next few months. So, anyone holding MAID ERC20’s (the same goes for any ERC20) will have the exact same on pulsechain (just need to toggle from ETH network to PULSE network in your metamask to see/use your free copy. The fees will be next to nothing for quite some time. Problem solved…hopefully…:blush:

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This is something I don’t understand and I can’t believe this is true: Etherium is a domain I don’t know but if original MAIDs can be diluted like that, then I have no confidence in transition to ERC20.


Why will it be diluted @tfa? It will be a forked asset with no redemption rights.


So the free copies mentioned by @Skinnywytedude dont matter at all. Then you are reassuring me.


I guess, and only guess that you will have to use MAID to redeem SNT, so you could use one or other of a split ERC20 coin to redeem first MAID, then SNT. But you can only redeem the MAID that was locked in the first place once.

I could be wrong!

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That was my immediate thought too when reading what @Skinnywytedude said

If true then that one MAID has now become 2 MAID because

But there is no knowing that the specific MAID on one blockchain is the same as on the other.

So a person claims his MAID from one blockchain then claims it from the other.

There has to be a procedure in place to either stop the duplication, or only allow redemption of ERC20 MAID from the original blockchain. OR even more crazy to half the value of each, but then the next

So @Josh suggestion is the best way I would say.

But then how many people will be scammed on the other blockchain since it will appear as ERC20.MAID too and 12 months down the track could it be quite confusing??? or not. I am not familiar enough with ERC20 to know

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The ones on Pulsechain with be “PRC-20”.


So I wonder if scammers can sell PRC20.MAID as the real thing. People not familiar with the fact that ONLY ERC20.MAID will be accepted could easily be conned. People are very familiar with doubling of coins during forks and may think PRC20.MAID is still worth something

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My point is once you’ve used your MAID the other chain can’t use the same MAID. If MaidSafe require Omni MAID it can’t be used twice.