Idiot side of Swiss population reject BI for now

The brilliant Swiss had the foresight but moron conservatives were able to spread fear to keep their fear based skimming alive. Idiotic complaint was it would reduce the incentive to work as if people are supposed to be proud slaves. The BI would have allowed them to sluff off conservative parasites from power and politics.

Family of 3 would have received about 6k a month in assistance. They were 27% short of the needed votes. Pure insanity, they preferred to remain economuc wage slaves would have to continue to listen moron so-called employers. As for immigration just deny it to people who aren’t citizens and stretch the path to citizenship to 20 years or more.

You are economically illiterate. Wealth is not created by government. This basic income would only generate more debt and higher prices, resulting in a lower standard of living for the Swiss. Try reading this primer on natural economics:

Wrong, I have read that crap and nothing could be more wrong! At this point even material wealth is a matter of automation and sunlight. The point is not to make people do things for money they wouldn’t otherwise do but to free them from that prositution. A BI is a first step toward getting rid of employers and corporation and replacing them all with something truely flat volutary and cooperative. Almost every fool Libertarian is an unwitting Monarchist. They argue against powersharing and democracy infavor of a greater econcomic enslavement. Its infantile.