Identillect and MaidSafe partner to enhance network security protocols and respond to market opportunities in Europe and the US


Very true mate, we will see how things go!


Kudo’s to Nick/MaidSAFE Team for making this happen!

Identillect is big with HIPAA Regulation compliance. A play with protecting consumer privacy/personal data tied to Enterprise is the right move. The market seems unimpressed. Market needs more. Think of Musk the Ultimate “Shadow Master”.

Love MaidSAFE!


Identillect has 2 PhD Cryptographers on their payroll, pretty good endorsement of the tech. I wonder if a Safenetwork audit is part of the deal.


Maybe “whales” see the news and planned accordingly in the form of “dumping” the price temporarily, to accumulate, then send it up. Total crypto cap also went down in the last 12 hours or so. So I don’t know what it is. Probably more of the same: not pumping until new Alpha news comes out.

Now maybe if Maidsafe partnered with even more companies, something could happen. Not even sure how many companies will do that in the future—unless there’s a direct compatibility with Maidsafe, vs. all these blockchain technologies capitalizing on a slew of (questionable) companies, to make themselves look important. 'Guess this is a start to seeing how!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: That sure took the excitement away


Sorry didn’t mean to do that :smile:

What I’m interested in is the below comment

I could be (and usually am) very wrong but the term commercialise possibly isn’t floating a carrot/prediction under anyone’s nose saying hey we’re looking at releasing this thing this year. I get the impression it might have been perceived that way by some?

Maybe more a case of Maidsafe starting to monetise the awesome tech under their belt at the present stage?

Someone a little more business savvy could probably offer some deeper thoughts there?


This is Nick’s response to my question about the intent to “commercialize in 2018” on twitter -

“Hi Tyler, commercialisation can take many forms, paid pilots, software licenses…etc… We are not confirming a fully featured public network will be available, but we are intending to start commercialising the network technology”


Ok cool, thanks mate :+1:

Yay I’m not completely bonkers.

There was a very interesting and very relevant brief comment on the forum some time ago by Neo with respect to being very patient with approaching completion of the public network to at the very least a point 5 years post conversion to Rust.

It seemed (given a little tiny bit of experience with R&D and Neo obviously has a tonne more) a very informed and probably pretty accurate comment. Wish more people had read it :slight_smile:



Would any app built on the SAFENet be automatically GDPR compliant ?


Remains to be seen. The GDPR isn’t clear on using decentralised technologies. I have a feeling it will be something that comes out in the wash later on.


I’m new here, I hadn’t realized that the GDPR even passed! SO nuts! I bet EU consumers may have a difficult time making purchases outside of the EU for a bit. Other than that…I’m excited about SAFE network. I totally got here from researching the coin name, which revealed the internet defense league. I’m excited right now and seeing all the happy posts online for once is so great!


I don’t mind deals like these, if its helping MAID get funding to fuel further development and promotion this is a big win. I just know once you start offering a “solution” to companies you have to be prepared to fully support that solution and expect a lot of dumb questions and constant phone calls for trivial issues :wink: . I just worry if they strike too many deal such as this they won’t have time to finish the project and will be rather spending time teaching scrubs the difference between public/private keys and symmetric/asymmetric encryption :stuck_out_tongue: .


Our priority is still very much the public SAFE Network, Jeremy. We will be scaling the team to support enterprise/company type deals as required.


Not automatically, because it’s possible to share your data with app developers on the Safe network, and they could mis-handle that data and breach GDPR.

However, SAFE will let developers offer services where it’s not required for them to actually handle the user’s data in the first place. If a service isn’t handling user data, I think they avoid GDPR completely (though I admittedly know basically nothing about it!).