Identillect and MaidSafe partner to enhance network security protocols and respond to market opportunities in Europe and the US


Great news Maidsafe. A few more like this and people will start taking a second deeper look at Safenet and start thinking “Gees, maybe the impossible is possible”. Keep on plugging away and get Alpha 3 milestones sorted.


Y’all come on over now, ya hear! I can’t really house everybody in my chicken coop, but there is plenty of room to set up tents in the woods. Also, if MAID goes to $50, I’m sure there will be other options. :slight_smile:


Just wow. Companies are going to want to easily comply with EU law, they are all going to want SAFENet… and while they are complying the employees will all also want to run their personal vaults from home when they learn more.

Massive news.

Edit: Does SAFENet have to be live for this partnership to work? Right now companies could host test/business networks or however it is branded and benefit from the SAFE:// protocol to secure their data.
Once the SAFENet goes live they could migrate their data to the full network.

I think anyone who has created any apps on the SAFENet has a bright future ahead of them.
I’ll say it again… if you are a student, insist on SAFENet projects for you final year , masters and other projects.


I’m not super technical, so news like this really starts to fire up the excitement levels for me and it becomes easier to understand the real world applications. Great news.


There is an option to have private licensed networks, which the press release suggested could he the case. You get many of the advantages (data dedupe, single login, high redundancy, self healing, etc), but it would not be as distributed. That is, the nodes may be managed in various data centres around the world, much like alpha 2. In fact, alpha 2 has proved the use case can work.

Perhaps they will use the public SAFENetwork when it can be fully distributed, but this Is great news for Maidsafe company either way. If money is coming I from licensing private nets, it can be reinvested in the public net, etc.


It is also conceivable that there are parts of MaidSafe tech which would be very useful when integrated into an existing solution. Particularly where patents give exclusivity (self encryption for example).


Just saw this too, good news.

And on the same day I started my new job and speak to the R&D guy and it turns out he’s a crypto fan, got talking to him about cloud network security in their devices…:wink:


There’s no such thing as coincidence IMHO.


Boom! Yep.

I haven’t read much on it but I’ll take your word for it.

I knew when I was working for Bosch that companies like Bosch and others would be seeking partnerships with companies like Maidsafe. I did what I could while I was there and then as it turns out and as we all know Bosch and VW are now partnered with IOTA so it’s certainly not a bad thing as this current news and the IOTA news just proves more of these partnerships will follow.

And it’s not juuuuust about regulations either. Companies who make things are now making Internet of things and they need them to be secure because yeah who wants their oven exploding or car veering off the road and ultimately we now realize we can’t trust one another so why not trust technology instead.


Watch any black hat YouTube video and you will find most internet of things technologies are embarrassingly easy to “hack”. Maidsafe will change the game.

Should we buy stock?


Oh, I know. I worked on them in only a sales and service environment and I know how absurdly easy they are to hack. Like to the point you don’t even really need to do anything special other than think how the manufacturer would think when designing access to it.


I took a look at market watch for Identillect and when looking at the finacial statements it looks as a kind of small company in development trying to get profitable. I can’t draw any conclusion because it can be hard to see what is hidden in financial statements, but to me it looks as if they have bit to go before being succesfull. If someone knows more about analysing financial statements and businesses can give an opinion it would be great.
From my intial analysis I think that Identillect has more to gain from Maidsafe than the other way around. Maidsafe technology can maybe increase Identillects future opportunities but I can’t see Maidsafe through this partnership gets value from a large costumer base or similar. I would realy want to know more about the thought process and decisions that lead up to this partnership with Identillect. Positive aspects that I can see is that Maidsafe gets positive exposure from partnership with a ”real world” company and that it can open up for more opportunities in the future and also if new customers can be possibly be reached through the implementation of GDPR.


Well it is a partnership so should be beneficial for both if it is successful and yes you are correct that real world use is a big motivator. From MaidSafe’s perspective we are moving from a long research and development cycle into commercialisation and helping companies that already have clients provide more secure solutions helps to provide validation of the technology and demonstrates to the market the networks commercial value with a view to others using it.


Looks like we have 4 ready for Europe. This could mean a new topic at some point :joy::sweat_smile:


Its a partnership for tech sharing. A place to test the networks in pieces. But does not mean alpha 3 or network is ready. But i remain positive. It will come good. And i will be at the starting line


Good point. It’ll be great if both companies can grow big together. All that matters is this partnership is providing solution to market problems.


Crazy good news!!!


Hey @upstate can you add the Maidsafe blog to the OP as well?


safe network code is open source meaning even you and I can see the code before release. So they don’t need to be a partner to access the code


As you can see, price of MAID did not pump on this news just dumped:) Funny is, dump on news usually happens when it is expected news. Dump on unexpected good news is not common. 300k MAID is lot of money. If I had so much MAID I would not speak so loud about it. There are so many BTC early adopters who regret their previous public claims about their BTC holdings.