Identillect and MaidSafe partner to enhance network security protocols and respond to market opportunities in Europe and the US

Just saw this? Hope it’s not a duplicate posting? I’m wondering if this is one of the things mentioned in a Dev Update about non-disclosure agreements being signed and preventing them from talking about things coming up.

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IRVINE, Calif.

Coincidence? I think not.

Seriously though - good news :tada:


Good spot! :face_with_monocle:

‘MaidSafe’s Secure Access for Everyone (SAFE) Network is the world’s first and only autonomous data and communications network. They are currently testing their technology with a large community of testers and intend to commercialize in 2018.’

:innocent: that’s the first one brave enough making some kind of a half official prediction in a long while now since I follow the project :blush:


I thought that particular bit was about upcoming exchange-(de)listings.

Anyway…great news! Time to get to know identillect a bit better…:grin:



Now this is good stuff! It gets very real when established businesses are starting to seek partnerships!

Great work @maidsafe!


Great News! However, why can’t I like this news more than once, I want to give it 10 “Likes” :slight_smile:


Wow! This is awesome! I need to start looking for identillects badge to see how much I acutually spot it. Not familiar with them but partnerships with other companies that push for privacy and are already in the markets is a very positive thing.

Same story different site. Need to read yet.

Info on identillect. Also from globalnewswire


This is amazing, this kind of validation is going to be a major boost for company and project optics. Great job to all involved!


2018 has started good, seems like it will be a very interesting and important year.


This is terrible news! Just kidding. I think the Network will go live sooner than some people think. Cheers!


Rid. If this is true and we get usd50 i will fly to Germany. Look for you and buy you the biggest drink i ever bought anyone :slight_smile:️[quote=“riddim, post:3, topic:22044”]
community of testers and intend to commercialize in 2018.’


Europe tour. I’m in.



This is blowing my mind, granted I no longer live in Europe but I had no idea about this GDPR regulation and its impending May 2018 deadline.
The opportunity here for the network is huge, storing your customers data on the SafeNetwork is pretty much an get out of jail free card in case of a breach.
Feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg of things to come.


So i’m guessing for now it’s planned to be an enterprise solution running on the alpha 2 version of the software? (please pull me up if I’m wrong there)

If so, I smell a damn good business plan in place, quietly put the bricks into place, carefully curate the optics and the future image of the network all the while keeping MaidSafe the company growing as the network matures towards a release candidate.

I love these dudes :wink:


GDPR is indeed huge. All companies, big or small, have to comply to the new regulation in two months time. The big question is how strict the enforcement will be, but even the small company I work for is currently seriously getting ready for things to come.

Every country in the EU has it’s own ‘privacy-watchdog’. All these watchdogs combined are represented so to speak by the WP29 (Article 29 Working Party) which consists of a few individuals from some of these watchdogs.

It’s quite easy to get in touch with the WP29…so I wouldn’t be surprised if MaidSafe already did.

WP29 would be the perfect spokesperson for the network. A public endorsement in due time would really jumpstart adoption in Europe.

GDPR explained:


All the positive energy in this thread tickles my nuts. I am getting excited just reading about it. Now if the price does not start to move upwards its going to be disappointing. Do not get me wrong…i think it deserves the attn and the recognition. Today it does not because of its ranking & price.

P/s - please do not hit me too hard. Trying to stay grounded amidst the excitement :slight_smile:


That makes 3 :smile:


I love your posts Harv :rofl:

Just a heads up the Queen is probably going to walk past you wearing very little shortly…

I’ll leave the oracle job to Zoki but don’t look at the price, maybe better to picture these sorts of things as a brick in the wall of public acceptance, these will become very important a little later on in the journey :+1:


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction