Ideas for safecoin and mutable data in general

Hey all. I posted some of this in another thread but then thought this might be good as its own topic.

A few months ago I joined this community as a way to understand some of the best ideas and thinking around distributed systems today. Byzantine resistant, massively parallel, shared nothing architectures. And SAFE has it in spades. Its only downside is that it’s not coming out anytime soon, and we need to launch next year, so began integrating ideas from SAFE into our project. We will try to make it compatible with SAFE protocol when it does come out, so our stuff can also augment the number of vaults.

However, when it comes to the consensus algorithm and safecoins, I think now we can contribute some ideas from our own project. Here are the areas I would like to encourage SAFE to consider:

  1. Consensus algorithm

  2. Multiple token denominations to get around the subdivision problem that safecoin will have

  3. Recovery <-- I originally tried to suggest it to the community, but it sounds like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Inspired by the SAFE project we recently started our own forum, so if you want to discuss a particular topic (like the ones linked above) you are more than welcome to engage our team there. Feel free to criticize what we do, etc. since we are trying to battle test our stuff as well.

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What exactly are you doing? And you didn’t leave a link to your forum.

The links in the post point to the forum.

Wow, are these sites made with a framework or something? That Intercoin site is reet like this one… can someone link me up to the framework or is it just a massively similar design?

It’s called discourse forum software.

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That’s boss. I’ve actually heard of it but didn’t realise it was quite this cool!