Ideas for DNS on Maidsafe

No it’s a racket

Dont need no stinking ‘domains’ or similar mechanisms for ‘authority’ to hook into.

If they’re going to ‘shut me down’ their shutting me down, not some abstract entity.

If they want to shut me down, then I have rights don’t I?

Dont give a sucker an even break…this is about people, not corporations or legal entities.

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Howdy, y’all. You should take a look at the NXT cryptocurrency:

“These informations are crucial, in fact the asset names are non-unique. What this means is that there can be multiple assets that have the same name.” –

Has the penny not dropped…SAFE is a superior project to any blockchain…that’s why were on here.

SAFE does not need a DNS or anything else from a counterparty, NXT, Bitshares etc…this here’s a dragon slayer.

Get on board…no need to reinvent the crypto wheel, it’s all here for you to leverage.

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I meant how NXT handles names. The asset names in NXT are all non-unique. This means that there can be thousands of assets named for example Microsoft. With the asset name comes a unique ID so the real Microsoft asset can be identified that way. Something similar could be used for MaidSafe aliases.

I know that with a project like Safe, we’re being placed right behind the wheel. But why shouldn’t we take the current internet for a ride? These people have to deal with, speed tickets, roadblocks and maintenance costs etc. With project Safe we’ll be going @ lightspeed, but these people won’t notice because they are just riding along @ a normal speed.

We need to build relations


Sorry, no idea what your trying to invoke here…your OP is “Ideas for DNS on Maidsafe”

If ProjectSAFE needed DNS, the design would have included DNS…8 years ago on a yacht somewhere out at sea, probably induced by some lovely tanned ladies from a sea port, over a glass or two of the finest…far away from…ants.

They say David Irvine was influenced by nature and waves and stuff…I beg to differ :girl:

Yep…after 8 years of contemplation, I guess that was just an oversight.

Get onboard… it’s my new slogan :slight_smile:

@chrisfostertv I totally agree with you that project Safe doesn’t need DNS. But in it’s current state DNS is a billion dollar industry and a total scam/rip off. I’m just a simple consumer, but if I had the money, I would so totally disrupt DNS right now.

  • If we can add Brand protection
  • Register for unlimited time
  • Lower costs to run a website
  • A Safe environment to run your website

Ok were done then, maybe pm the mods to lock this thread.
Is now having it’s presale, wow they are accepting Bitcoins

I like the idea of AI websites (mostly because I’m to lazy to dig into code). The grid as far as I can understand it has a mind of it’s own and that’s what I like/dislike. I like it, because it can creatively surprise you with new layouts. I dislike it, because i don’t think that you can ask the grid to create/copy an existing site for you. It also seems like the grid is another “garden kind of thing” (wordpress/joomla/drupal/squarespace) Basically you can’t get out their universe, if you want to run your website on a different CMS, unless you code your site again. Yeah yeah I know that there are tools like Artisteer that can make you spit out every CMSs template that you want but…

To get back to what I would really like to see on the grid, features like letting it copy existing websites. And creating a chop suey of all these. For instance:

I guess I want a solution like the grid that can also code the website for you frontend and backend. From the looks of it only the frontend seems to be the focus for now.

This article is also fun to readabout/listen
Emercoin is interesting, but…

I guess I rather have IP migration, low registration prices and absolutely NO EXPIRATION (empower domain owners). What if people can just transfer their existing website to your platform? Now registar can transfer websites among eachother, what if? it’s possible to transfer an “Authorization Code” to a decentralized DNS system?

I do like the new decentralized websites like, .bit, .p2p, .coin and .emc. But what really gets me exited is if you could just get .com .org and all the other existing websites out there on a decentralize platform? This is where the real disruption starts…


Mind Blowing

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Dear dirvine,
you promised to present some kind of solution for issues that is discussed here.
Could you inform do you have any results for those testings?

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Why this topic is in Off-top category?
I think it is a very important issue. And I would like to see the solution of it in the policies of MaidSafe

Let be honest. We do need a BRAND NAME solution for MaidSafe network.

would it be akaNDS or some kind of alias" solution we don’t have to for get what rules we have in our real (non-virtual) life:

People don’t have unique names. That is why we have millions of John Smith and so on. The name is permanent. But still each person can change his name any time.
Company’s names. They are unique. Each country has its own companies register. Company can change its name. The name is permanent.
Brand names They are 100% unique. In order to register a brand name it should be firstly unique and the second it shouldn’t be used words. Like I can’t register a brand name “Sun”. (But I still register some kind of unique logo with word ‘Sun’).
And the last - law gives protection for brand names for 10 years. After that the owner should re-register it again for the next 10 years.

So anyway MaidSafe public will demand one day a solution for short readable and UNIQUE names/address.

Not sure what issues? we do not use and do not need DNS or is it something else you are looking for ? Sorry if I missed the point, I am busy and in scanning mode a lot :wink:

Is there any solution for brand names and/or some kind of internal domains (the unique names) which can be used in MaidSafe network to mark and differ inside the network projects (sites, groups and so on)

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Yes, you can choose whatever you want to call yourself and that will work. There is an underlying address you can tell people (the first 6-0 chars) and the system will identify if you are unique there with this name/address combination.
Here is how a vault gets an address allocated

And for public names (people brands etc.) then it is very similar except instead of holding the average capability of the network in a group we use public names and do not allow the same public name anywhere near an address of a similar public name. There is a doc, I cannot see it just now, but will try and remember to find and post it here. Sorry about that.


So you look for the ID of the person to find the website that they made?

So this way SAFE doesn’t need a DNS, right?

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I could see this working pretty perfectly actually, especially if there is a great search engine that could lead you to the most popular / linked-to page (like Google does) for whatever you are looking for

(instead of having to type in some website name into the address bar, because then you get into DNS / name-squatting problems)

Honestly, DNS should be dropped all together. I do not like the idea that names are valuable.

My suggestion is to implement GNU Name System. Very unique.

Major zone - Bob would like to be called Bob (in global system. It is not enforcible.)
Minor zone- Alice rather name bob, bobby. (in personal system)
(forgot name) zone - Charlie wants connect to bob but doesn’t know bob address, but Alice does. Charlie -> Alice -> Bobby.


But I also like what it was being said several comments above me.

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That isn’t a valid reason. Someone doesn’t like the opposite.
You should point out technical or privacy or other weaknesses, if you can find any.
I object to the idea as well, but from a different perspective.

Bad idea.