Idea socialottery Win 100.000 Maidsafecoin

I want to introduce a community coin, for only the “die hard” fans of the SAFE Network. There is a twist to this currency, there is also a one-time lottery incorporated in this community coin.

These are the components of this social service:

  • The lottery price of 100.000 Maidsafecoins = $5434.50

  • Prerequisite is that 1000 coins are sold for a pay out of 10.000 Maidsafecoins
  • Prerequisite is that 10000 coins are sold for a pay out of 100.000 Maidsafecoins
  • Here’s how you get 1 of these community coins, send € 123 to Maidsafe

Now the questions, how/when do we pick a winner?

I’ve decided to use this website, so it’s not me or even Maidsafe that will pick a winner. The winner is the number that shows up at the day that the lottery ends, the lottery ends July 22, 2016.

If the community like this idea, it can go live next week. These are fun things to take into account. To my knowledge this is the first time that a lottery is structured this way, but this community coin could have a few benefits:

  • You’ll financially support Maidsafe to advance the SAFE Network
  • You can win 100.000 Maidsafecoin
  • You’ll have a memorable digital coin, that you helped forged :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s. I’ll pay out the 100.000 Maidsafecoins :sunglasses:

Feedback please

Update: The 10000 coins will play a role on one of my SAFE Network projects in the future (I can’t tell more, but you won’t regret participating).


Legal minefield.

Good thing its not in Australia.

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I would interpret it like:
I see somebody sending btc to the Maidsafe address and I send that person my token (these things will be possible with smartcontracts in the future). I’m not collecting the money, so not really any legal ground to stand on.

Even the fact that I’ll send the winner 100.000 Maidsafecoin, I would argue is just another transaction (yet again, just another smart contract).

Times will be so fun when seasteading offers citizenship. Just burn your Australian passport and get a seasteading passport send through a drone. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be fun, if I could get it up for the future that each 22th of the month, on of the participating 10K gets a reward, based on the number that shows up on the lottery. Of course this is just wishful thinking, because that I can’t guarantee :neutral_face:

Glad to participate!

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Interesting idea @19eddyjohn75 . I will also participate if we decide to go further. Maybe let’s do 3 places if more than x people (10 or higher I propose) participate:

  1. 70k maidsafecoins
  2. 20k maidsafecoins
  3. 10k maidsafecoins

Very cool idea! I am interested to participate if you go through with it.

Today I’ve been thinking at work, if the community want to do this, it can become the first SAFE Network idea, raising over a million dollar for Maidsafe in this scenario. IMHO well worth it, because they need the money.

[quote=“Infining, post:6, topic:9730”]
I am interested to participate if you go through with it.
[/quote] I always do what I say, I rather do stuff than just say stuff.

[quote=“sfcoin, post:5, topic:9730”]
Maybe let’s do 3 places if more than x people (10 or higher I propose) participate:
[/quote]With this I’m making no compromises if 9999 people send Maidsafe money (buy a lottery), i only pay out 10K Maidsafecoin. If 10K people send Maidsafe money (buy a lottery), i pay out 100K Maidsafecoin. If I would get a deal like this I would do it in a heartbeat, because:

  • I spend € 123 on Maidsafe, but can win $ 5508.20
  • Even if I loose another community member + Maidsafe win
  • It can’t hurt to have a memorable coin for (helping Maidsafe in times of it’s financial low + advancing the SAFE Network)

Personally I feel that if people loose sleep, because they are coding to improve our future, that I should try to do what I can, but these things can never be done alone. I do this, because I feel this is what David would do, secretly I hope that we can create a memorable value with the value he created (maidsafecoin). On the other side we can also remember this as the moment that not many came to the party, while they could have, but simply choose to ignore it. Well that will say more about them, than I could with words :stuck_out_tongue:

This alien technology (SAFE Network) needs more resources…

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