Idea for getting schools and kids AWAY FROM google accounts

So, I just came up with this about 10 seconds ago…
I really think it should be very easy to do managed group accounts (student accounts managed by teachers and child accounts managed by parents) WITHOUT changing anything about the underlying safe network and how it functions.

I think anything you might want to do with apps, and restrictions, as a teacher or parent can be accomplished from a single (bulky as hell) app. I’m sure everyone reading as this point knows I’m talking about an electron app of coarse. I don’t think I really need to go into much detail as these things already exist for many kinds of environments including schools and for home desktop PCs. Basically like an app store looking thing with your account. But the app itself would be configured by the school or parents to filter what apps can be installed, and also (unfortunately…) give access to the account to the teacher or parent… thoughts…


Sounds like a fork of the SAFE Browser which defaults to the education app, with privileges dependent on the active account, and has the ability to offer a whitelist of approved apps, and disables the general browsing capability.

Is that about right?

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Yup, I’m sure it could be implemented any number of ways. Repurpose that browser, or someone could build something even more basic on electron, or anything really… just hoping to spark the minds of some developers out there and get something like this mapped out… since everytime I read about whatever school having to use google account for absolutely everything it just burns me up to no end thinking about all the kids who get no choice before their life even starts about what information people get to have on them!!