I'd say that's about right


Not too far behind you there buddy!

But I’d say this one is the most telling:

Maidsafe may be @dirvine’s baby but this wonderful community is @happybeing’s.

“Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding”
Proverbs 1:13


No, no, not mine. Really :slight_smile: It is it’s own community through and through, and I’ve taken my lead from David’s example - though I don’t come close IMO.

I admit I was chuffed when I saw that pairing though, because David has my admiration and watching how he interacts with people is a great way for me to learn.

There are a lot of admirable folk here though. I’m just one who has been around a long time and posted a lot and accumulated a lot of likes. Others will soon join that board, and it is only a software algorithm’s view anyway.

We each have our favourites - and our “less” favourites of course :slight_smile: - but I honestly believe that everyone counts (and as you know I’m always right :wink:) and all-together we are the strong and passionate community (that seems to be breaking discourse lately :slight_smile:) as we rally round to help those MaidSafe folk and a growing community of developers and users (yes that’s all of us again) believing they and we can change the world for the better. :revolving_hearts: :rocket:


I 100% agree. Please allow me to clarify what I meant.

As the SAFE network is David’s baby which will soon run free in the wild completely independent of him and Maidsafe the company so too this forum is independent of you but derives much of it’s origin from your efforts.

My children are individuals independent of me but I labored in love to bring them into being. You labored in love to fill this forum with many happy beings and we thank you!

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