ICO/project threads on forum

Can we have an open discussion about how ICOs and related projects are welcomed on this forum? Several have gone toxic and do the community no credit.

IMO, this forum is about maidsafe, safenet and information about related projects. I have no issue with people announcing ICOs and those appearing on the home page, but I take issue with having ongoing threads on the home page; more so when they turn sour.

May I suggest the ICO/other projects are given home page time before being moved off the front page?


Great question Paul, and great timing. As mods we have a discussion open for several days now in our private staff category. It’s exactly about this. There’s a forum update coming in which we will add quite a number of new rules to the guidelines preventing TrustLevel 0-members from posting in the #related-projects category. This way we prevent people from becoming a member of this forum just to promote some projects and have 0 interest in SAFE. There will also be some strict rules for crowdsales concerning the #apps category (projects that run on SAFE). We will allow them (on the frontpage for now) but that might change in the future.


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