Icebergs - Would love to have this on SAFE



This does look awesome. Is it open source? How would it be ported to maidsafe?


Not Open Source.

Not sure of the architecture, might reach out to them.

I wonder if it matters if something like this is open sourced or not. Now that SAFEnetwork has a payment system baked in, it should attract for profit operations also?

Hoping to get more info on the API/Javascript nature of the vault, would help identify existing services that could deploy without too much coding.

A lot of these operations have a Free plan with limits on disk spaceā€¦so deploying the same plan on SAFE would offer them a revenue for the same offering.


Foresee it inspiring a real time ripper importer to fuel the public domain. Onlive could have offered the universe of content and services for ten dollars a month. Instead they were hit with a content strike. And as it stands now most movies cant be rented but have this inflated buy nonsense. Same bs as with CDs Just as there is charter revocation I expect market revocation by the public here. Corporate content producers are going to have their property claims effectively nullified. Its part of reclaiming the market. People will get the content or experience it for free bypass the corporation and give the artist (as they see fit) a crypto micro contribution for future works.