Icann vs icanndy


Hi Everybody

Me and a group of friends have been sketching up an DNS system like Namecoin. There are a few big differences with our system and that of Namecoin or p2p.

To prevent domain name squatting we use Proof of Domain Ownership, by using the current internet to setup a list determined by popularity. For instance AMAZON would look like this:

  1. amazon.com
  2. amazon.net
  3. amazon.org
  4. amazon.co.uk
    If you are the owner of amazon.com, all you have to do is upload a token to the root folder of amazon.com. This will communicate with the wallet client and you can register your domain name.

If you are the owner of amazon.co.uk, you have to first ask amazon.com relinquish their #1 position. If they relinquish it, you can follow the steps above to register your domain name.

If amazon.com doesn’t relinquish their position or even respond to your message, a waiting period follows in which they can change their mind. If they don’t change their mind and do nothing, you will be granted the #1 position and can follow the registration steps above.

With our scheme only amazon.com or the most popular site, will be able to register .amazon in this scenario. Yeah we will also offer gTLD.

Namecoin basically doesn’t care about name ownership and p2p fight squatting by a domain name auction (which means that the original owner could miss out if some one offers more money). We think our solution is far better and the internet determines the popularity of a site, not us.

Namecoin price domains through price discovery and p2p through an auction. Even here we feel that our solution is better, because we have a GUARANTEED FIXED PRICE. you pay €10 for 10 years and your auto-renewal box is checked by default. Another thing worth mentioning the €10 for 10 years will be equal for all domains (.com, .xxx, .org). We want to get out this crazy zone, where the price of each domain is different, because the .xxx doesn’t add extra security over .com.

The gTLD are other prices starting at 100k for 10 years. This is far more affordable compare to ICANNs prices and extra fees.

As I said earlier we will also offer dotyourbrand. Namecoin only offers .bit and p2p only .p2p I assume.

Every domain you register with us will be for 10 years. This way people can busy themselves with what is really important. There will also be an auto-renewal checkbox so you don’t have to worry about your domain.

We realise that the price that’s ask for a domain registration might not be for every one. For some people that’s a month food, so we might eventually change the price to just a few fractions of the coin.

You will be able to sell your domain, just by entering your price and sending it to some one. If they pay, they receive the domain. If they don’t pay, you will get your domain back automatically after 24hours, during this time they can’t use the domain. You can also allow people to just bid on your domain, all for free from the marketplace.

We plan to bring out a wallet with 2FA baked into the client. This way people can keep their coins save.

Our original plan was to have stakeholders, but nobody (except 1 guy) cared on the bitcoin forum. So now we have released this project on Kickstarter. If you like the idea, it can become a reality so if you can support us, please do.

MAIDSAFE ACCOUNT (I’ve emailed Kickstarter a request to change my profile name)
Previously I started a Kickstarter to promote Maidsafe and that was just a SUPER BAD JUDGEMENT. You don’t do things like that without the communities input. But for this ICANNDY project, i’m using the same account. I CAN’T CHANGE THE NAME MAIDSAFE ON KICKSTARTER. I don’t hope people get angry, because we are trying to develop/offer a good DNS.

The Kickstarter can be found HERE

I got to admit that I’m secretly also hoping that Maidsafe will also have a DNS solution or maybe it’s not even needed.

yeah the name ICANNDY as you might have guessed is a combination of ICANN and eyecandy.

The Story of Aaron Swartz

You are delusional if you think you are going to raise 1 million dollars in 60 days just for an idea. The project has nothing to do with maidsafe and i am sure the team would much rather you not use their business name for your project as it is in no way associated. I also don’t know who you are, your background, capabilities and plan for the money raised.

Sorry but you are making yourself look like a fool.


Yeah, you’re probably going to want to make a new Kickstarter account with a different email address. It’s a little dirtybaggy and extremely misleading. You’re also almost definitely going to get flagged.

Also, really unclear what this whole idea is.


Better get a lawyer son, your gonna need a real good one


This is the second time you’re using the Maidsafe company name as your own on kickstarter. Kickstarter always involves other peoples money so you might want to be clear as you can on what you’re trying to sell and who you are. You can easily create a new account if you’ve got plans and want to raise money.

I still don’t believe you’ve got really bad intentions but this is the second time your using the company name as your own and there has been a thread about you doing this before. So please delete it for the community and if you still want to raise money for your project just make another account.

From the thread I was talking about:


@Melvin for your info a (so called friend) pulled this stunt, I’m just to angry about this whole episode.

I remembered what I said, because in my book a persons word is worthless if they can’t keep it.

But maybe it’s better that he did this, because I wasn’t contributing anything usefull anyway. This whole idea I had about a better DNS wasn’t even suppose to come out, but it’s just my luck always.