ICANN not running DNS in 2015

According to this article by Forbes: US Government Cedes Control Of The Internet ICANN will not be controlling DNS in the very near future.

What are the chances we can have enough market share (different term needed) to turn those http://www.*'s to safe:name’s before all the global political shinanigans that will ensue start? What are the implications of that? Or do you believe that is just too short of a time frame? Is it possible that we, the “good guys” of the internet will be able to prevent the chaos that could come with this?

Please note, I know we wont be ready Jan. 1 2015, that’s just too soon, but the political garbage wont be too far behind that. I’d like to 1) not have to deal with it (slightly selfish I know) 2) people to be able to speak out against what I’m sure will be happening without fear of retribution (what MaidSafe is made for)


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i’m pretty sure there will always be political shenanigans of one kind or another. We’re in dire need of maidsafe as it is. Prevention would largely depend on what “shenanagans” we are trying to prevent and of what segment of the population we are trying to address.

MaidSafe removes the need for DNS, but still relies on assigned IP numbers, so the politics will play out. To fully remove the need for this change SAFE needs to be complemented with a mesh networking project.


This is what I’ve been saying, and it seems a natural extension of the safe network. If people can use both mesh and IP address based internet people will start developing mesh internet simply because it’s faster. After all a few feet is a lot shorter distance than a few miles. Also if mesh networks can be developed and used then it means less paying for internet.

Imagine that all you needed to get onto the safe network was a mesh connection to someone with the safe network. Then imagine the safe network pretty much allowed you to do everything the “internet” allowed you to do. Why would you pay for internet when you could use the safe network for free?

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