IBM begins serious PR for AI with Ridley Scott Talking to Watson

They have Ridley Scott talking to Watson:

But surely this is just IBM’s marketing prattle right? Not so sure

I am sorry about the BI being in the video title of the following video, I promise that is not the point.

Just note the total resignation of this self proclaimed former skeptic, its like he’s on the otherside of something that shattered his world view and scared the living S out of him and he is at the resignation stage trying pick up the pieces. Again, sorry about the the BI reference at the start but one of the things that scares us most is access to money, so this is what people reach for as a first stepping stone when they’ve had the wind knocked out of them.

The core of the message is that machine stuff is progressing so fast in so many areas producing significantly better than human attainable results take home and the weight of that is reworking world views and outlooks.

When we dream of being free of the state and being free of the corporation its almost like becareful what you wish for because that dream’s most efficient and effective form is probably SI. If we still have freedom it could have strong element of “because I said so!” written into something as intractible as physical law but much less intelligible.