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The Tandem Project Cooperative will create an automated people run initiative to supplement Government Monopolies.
The Tandem Project was founded with a few core ideals.
A. No one should be in charge.
B. There should be no threat to existing power structures.
C. It can never be destroyed.
D. It must have accountability yet be anonymous.
It is designed to supplement existing monetary, judicial, government, educational, and career focused institutions. It is designed to scale out yet it can be functional at its inception. The purpose of this forum is to create a place to discuss, refine, and ultimately create what is required.
This project has a vision which is capable of being fulfilled at the current time in an inexpensive manner. it will require resources for this vision to be fulfilled. Mostly, it will require dedicated programmers and word of mouth.
Listed below are the sub-projects required to fulfill the vision.
Every person gets one vote and can vote on everything for all groups they belong to. If they wish they can defer their vote to others. Voting will be a continuous process and votes can be changed.
This allows those involved to be held accountable yet be anonymous. It is important that each person have one account and only one account. This can be accomplished through a combination of bio-metric identifiers (such as fingerprints on multiple fingers, iris scans, and facial recognition). People would need to continue to re-submit this information after specified time markers. These profiles must be made anonymous.
The beauty of money is that it doesn’t really exist. As such, one can be created out of thin air. The successful alternate currency systems, aside from crypto-currency, have been time currency. A infinitely sustainable system can be created in concurrency with system B with accounts. Each account will start at 0 and have a possible negative balance of 365.25 (days in a year). Positive balances and negative balances will decay at the same rate so as to encourage spending on both ends and create a sort of “Basic Minimum Income” for those extremely negative. The rate of decay will be based upon the standard deviation of all accounts. The integrity of money can be accomplished by holding the integrity of accounts. No one shall be in charge of accounts. This will be designed to work, via individual pre-determined percentages, in tandem with bitcoin transactions.
The entire project will consist of one main cooperative. Within this people can create their own cooperatives and cooperatives within cooperatives scaling to infinity. Inclusion/exclusion in cooperatives will be determined by a voting system as will mutual payouts, division of responsibilities, and dues. Cooperatives can hold positive accounts to pool resources but not negative.
Each person within the system shall begin to create a career profile of talents, abilities, qualities, and so on. There will be no system to ensure qualifications however there will be a rating system for these skills. Cooperatives gaining a person may gain their skills for their own profile.
Similar to the career profile but a list of resources one has to sell, rent, or not do anything with. Cooperatives may gain these resources for their own profiles if one chooses, or have its own possessions.
If one does not have a skill they feel they can readily perform, they may enlist the help of someone with this skill. This relationship can allow for someone with no experience to gain work in a new field. Conversely, for the person training someone else it can allow for them to gain a portion of pay for a specified period of time for a given skill.
Instead of negotiating every hour of work, pre-set specifications and bidding programs can automatically hire and begin to fill in one’s week according to their preferences. This would allow ones’ job to be paid for by many people not able to offer a salary.
This system shall work according to Robert’s Rules of Order for groups. No one piece of legislation shall exist but rather a structure of single sentences shall be voted upon (no poison pills or sneaking poor rules in with other rules). Anyone can choose to add a sentence to be voted upon. Within this penalties for violating rules can be applied. Penalties shall be limited to penalties generally seen in web forums (banishment for periods of time, locking of certain features (or skillset from profile), fines (paid directly to the party wronged), etc.). Further, there would be a complaint system where people can file a complaint and submit evidence on both sides to be decided upon.
While this should overall be equal, some administration will be required to eliminate issues. These positions will be voted on within the system. People applying for positions can specify pay which, should they be elected, would be figured into “Dues” for inclusion Changes in position should be applied monthly. Features specific to a position would be automatically unlocked. Term limits would be applied. The number of people holding privilege should be at least 1% of the population.
The function of this group would be to look at filed complaints, decide if rules have been broken, and if guilty vote on punishment. A percentage of mediators must vote before a ruling is determined.
The purpose of authenticators would be to meet with and submit bio-metric information for the authentication system while assuring they do not have duplicate accounts.
The purpose of moderators would be to review submitted rules and determine if they are unique and thus able to be voted on. They would only be allowed to be voted on once approved as unique by a percentage of moderators.
The purpose of the administrator position is to take care of the technological advancements required to keep the cooperative relevant and easy to use. Changes to the system will be set to automatically create a new official version once a percentage of administrators votes to approve the update.