I was partly wrong about the Tesla Battery marketing- but they need to explain it better

Their current battery marketing came about as a historical accident it seems and them actually doing things that favored their customers as a function of battery tech development costs and logistics but their current marketing is beginning to flaunt the slippery slope accidental component as some sort of foolish dishonest premium that their customers are stuck with. It comes across as deeply anti green and will breach the trust of customers, fans and honest investors. Your first though is you just paid to haul around a heavy chunk of dead weight or broken componentry and you have to pay 30x what you paid for that heavy defect to fix it- its beyond counter intuitive. It is not at all the same as paying for software that will enable sensors and hardware later. This is having to pay a premium (premium is code for fraud) to not have to haul around dead weight. You can see people wanting to hack this or saw off the unneeded battery and sell its cells- maybe acservice thay does this for people.

"Tesla hires new marketing idiot who come up with a cripple ware idea that the fraudulent criminal auto industry at least in one article is trying to call the future of the car industry. S70 will now have battery that is crippled by 5kw unless the software upgrade is paid for that costs $3000. Intel did something like this, but allow this kind of idiot in to destroy brand goodwill and destroy trust in the integrity of the company and its products- Musk should fire this moron immediately with prejudice. I hope I am seriously wrong, if not something is suddenly so seriously wrong with Tesla.

I am hoping this is a spoof article. If it’s not I’ve just lost interest in the company. If we had good law this would be illegal and this fool would be locked up on a felony. Then no value added premium charge is the mark of criminals and sociopaths. Oh yes let’s install a criminal so that the firm will appear more friendly and profitable to Wall St. criminals."

What’s wrong with that?
It’s only fair - a CO2 tax on those who extra-pollute by using the remaining 5kW.

Funny but this seriously bothers me. I really loved this company, even as a corporate but it looks like the corruption of being a corrporate is getting through, If it was a well orchestrated gov shill it was super high quality but now with the pre programmed changing gov guard the more shil like corporate welfare types are coming with their toll road barron schemes. I really feel this type of disable ware is crime especially environmentally.