I was just on www.maidsafe.net . I like the old website better

The old website was more original and creative. The new one looks like everybody else’s.

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Is there some way to bring the old website back in addition to the new one? I thought it was really cool.

There is a way you can revert changes but it is only on your end. I am not sure if it works, never done it before.

Download greasemonkey.
Go to github/maidsafe_website.
Find and download the latest changes before the new update.
Use greasemonkey to apply those changes.

Once again, I am uncertain if this works.


Actually, you could just download from github, and run it. greasemonkey isn’t need.

I like the New one. Looks very official and modern


The same. I really like the new site. Simple, clean, informative.


I like both for different reasons. The new site is more commercially viable for the majority. The old website is better in my opinion, but the new website is more modern and will appeal to more people and does a really good job getting the message across of what the safe network is all about.


You could use the Way Back Machine via Internet Archive. It can be a little slow, but a good way of checking back on older sites.


The new site is certainly ‘better’ if you qualification for quality is transparency and effective communication of a simple message.

It’s basically idiot-proof… so clear and concise you can’t fail to get the gist within moments.

I think whoever is responsible has every right to feel very proud of producing something that is so result focused and not lost in excessive functionality or drowning in too much text. Clarity = quality.

A+ from me anyway!

EDIT: not that I disliked the old site, but I think this one serves it’s purpose perfectly!


It looks like I have been outvoted. I had a few complaints, specifically, I couldn’t scroll down on the new site and I had to use the “Page Down” button. But when I went back to the site again just now, I could scroll down just fine. I don’t know what happened the first time. Having the website load quickly is obviously mega-important. Giving it a second look, I do see more appeal on the new site.


I would say the new site is a very good starting point to engage with
people who don’t know yet about MAID , the SAFE Network , safecoin .
And that is its main purpose , to get the basic information out to as many
people as possible without making it too difficult , complex or confusing .
Other links or sections can expand on the deeper information & finer details …