I want to start a group for anonymous founder businesses based on cryptocurrencies

I’m of the belief that anonymously building dapp businesses based on growing the value of a cryptocurrency, where the anonymity is not used to violate laws that government has the resources/jurisdiction/desire to go after (i.e. no child porn, contraband, assassinations, etc.), have the potential to create great wealth while changing the world. This is due to the inherent unfair advantages in being anonymous and developing apps that have no physical central servers or physical presence, such as not having servers, offices, or one’s own home or person raided for not helping the government anal probe one’s customers, or designing the business’s dapp so that all legal liability is placed on a userbase too massive to enforce predatory regulation on, ala bittorrent.

Of course, I am aware that building a business of this sort with apps of this sort will bring unique challenges to a task that is already difficult enough. As such, I would like to get a small group of people willing to voice chat with each other online once a week to help each other build psudonym personal brands that people trust, their businesses, and themselves up. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in trying, please let me know.

Can you give more info please about what role you see for community members here. It’s still a bit vague to me.

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This is a smart concept, but here’s my query:

How do we bootstrap such Ventures?

Make new currencies?

Problem is that anonymity will attract exactly the worst kind of people, because they are anonymous for a good reason. And you left out thieves and con-artists.

It is also true that there are good or at least innocent people who have reason to use anonymity tools.

Distinguishing between the two is a non-trivial task, and is actually the whole point of cryptocurrencies and everything else crypto.

Also, people differ on their attitudes. Some people, considered good and honest people by their colleagues, might have no problem with contraband and assassination, for example; some contraband and some assassination, or all contraband and any assassination, it depends on the people involved. And of course some groups, such as certain ethnic groups, have no moral problem with thievery directed against non-members of the group.