I’ve made a wallet on omniwallet.org should my Maid show up as maid or will they still look like BTC?

ok, well i’m putting my addresses in and it’s showing 0 btc. should it also show the history of the address? according to my wallet there is still something at the address

It should show the tiny bit of btc that was sent to send the maid, and the maid balance, if any are on that address.

i would still like to transfer the maid anyway (if i can find it) as it’s on very old phone which i’m not confident will switch on next time. i reopened it on my new phone from seed phrase but it only shows 1 account (which was my btc ballance) both phones have mycelium wallet .

It shows small amount of btc on the wallet but says 0 on the omniexplorer

Try omniwallet.


At the very bottom, check balances, open that and put you address you sent your maid to in there.

Best to use google chrome, it’s only good browser to use for that site.

If it shows 0 maid, theres none on that address.

it says 0 btc, but the phone says there is some

Where did your maid originally come from?

Can you get the txid that was created when you tried to move them to your phone?

Should be able to if you bought on an exchange.

Edit. I ask this to make sure the coins were actually sent to ur phone in the first place.

possibly cryptopia

Did you check the maid arrived there at the time in omniexplorer or omniwallet.

Or did you just trust the exchange?

ok, found the email, which showed the address being exported to and put that into the explorer and it’s showing the maid in there.

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i can see this tranaction on the wallet on my phone , but the address is different to the one in the email and the one which shows the maid in the explorer

the old phone wallet has 2 accounts, one of them shows the tranaction where i put the maid in.
the new phone only has 1 account but has the same amount of private keys as both of the accounts combined on the old wallet. it does not however show the transaction of the maid

They are 100% on the address that omni shows them on.

To move them, you need the pvt key for that address.

ok, when i try to export private key it only shows one for that account, which doesnt seem to be recognised by omni wallet anyway

it’s asking for formats: hex, b64, WIF, compressed WIF

Ok, that’s what I was saying yesterday about formats.

So you need to do a little research.

Find out what format your key is in.
Find out what format omniwallet needs.
Find a conversion tool.


what if i used my seed phase to open the wallet in a different application with a private key which is compatible with omniwallet ?

That would work.
You just need your pvt key in an acceptable format for omniwallet.