I think the BAT user base is a fertile ground for targeted adverts... who needs googleads!

Correct. I just want to make sure we separate out the Vault capability from the browser. Yes, once they find out about SAFE browser, they may download it but SAFE sites/Apps and penetration/use is quite far away, in my opinion. So in the interim, if we could have an add-in or something that would allow Brave users to download and run SAFE vaults, that would be killer. Decentralized storage is trillions of dollars in itself. On top of it, if we could have ability to exchange earned SAFEcoin into Brave and vice-versa, that would be even cooler. We can piggy back on Brave - they have a great team behind them (as one of the avenues). And then as SAFE network gains usage, and more Apps/sites are released, SAFE browser usage would increase too. But until then, there is no reason SAFE network cannot and should not expand purely for VAULTs and decentralized storage. Thats several billion GB in itself - would increase the value of SAFECOIN hugely.

I’ve gone ahead and DL’d using the link provided.

My 2 cents are that while it seems like a great targeted market it might not be the best was to promote SAFE. Ad’s in general I mean.

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Hi There

If you need help with your marketing plan let me know. I have 15 years of experience in online media. I would love to team up and help grow the SAFE network.


Not enough to pay the rent, but it’s really nice to see this tick up.


That translates to about 6.5 Maidsafecoins since I started this thread.
I can’t easily find the network fee for sending BAT, but I guess I will
keep accumulating BAT until I am happy to transfer it to Maidsafe.

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I’ve been using the browser via the links from @dimitar since this thread was created and I have seen zero BAT.

Am I doing something wrong perhaps?

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The last 2 months and I have not received money from BAT.

It looks like there is no promotion right now. Although I received money in the reference account. So thank you very much @goindeep!