I think the BAT user base is a fertile ground for targeted adverts... who needs googleads!

Edit: download the brave browser from the following link so that dimitar can earn some referral BAT


Hey @dugcampbell, i’ve an idea you might want to file for future use.

I’ve just started to use Brave browser… some facts…

$BAT and the $BAT browser BRAVE have an audience of 5.5 Million.


The users are privacy aware, and I assume crypto aware, and are just the type of people who would be interested in a running SAFENetwork.

Brave has an advertising network that reaches all 5.5 Million users.


We’re probably not ready yet, but when we have vaults from home / MVP, the brave network is the place to run adverts for the SAFENetwork.

5.5 Million users, ready for privacy and advanced features of SAFENetwork and SAFECoin.


This too! Completely overlooked this fact.


I like it. Great idea!

I’m a fan of Brave, and everyone that is using it is definitely the kind of user that will be interested in SAFE.


Can safenetforum.org, or any other maidsafe website, handle 5.5 Million visits?


Perhaps there are enough users of the browser on the forum to make a difference as well (with a small monthly budget) when the time is right, it’s a really exciting program they have @ Brave.

Also, their system begins to expose just how powerful Safecoin can be in the future, for all types of applications, not just a browser.

Just sent our community reporter in the field (SAFE Crossroads) a few BAT tokens for his great efforts.


This is a day of usage on one of my multiple machines running Brave Browser.

I recommend all forum users switch to Brave.
Any combined earnings, we could pool to a community advertising fund.
I’ve seen 4 “adverts” today, actually very relevant to my interests, I guess I can buy 4 adverts for the safe network now.

Edit: why did I switch to Brave… I opened 1 tab on Chrome recently and found that it has become “Internet Explorer”, cpu went off the scale! Brave has brought that right down, further with the option to block adverts, third party trackers and other scripts.


I just want to remind that www.SAFEnetwork.bg is a Brave Verified Publisher and if you download the brave browser and used it for 30 days from this link I will get some BAT :wink:


ads not supported in greece! damn!bat-no-ads-in-greece
edit: should I use a vpn to england lets say?

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Wow. I did not know they were geo-blocking.
I wish there was some other network in the pipeline that didn’t geo block, a network on the verge of releasing an MVP.:wink:

This is a suprise.

You could VPN in to another supported country I suppose.

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from a brave post:

Please make sure your OS REgion and locale is set to one of the supported country (US, Canada, UK, French, and Germany)

Perhaps it’s not IP blocked.

Try those settings on your OS .

I tried everything
@Dimitar how do you use bragve browser from bulgaria?

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The ads are blocked for me too unfortunately… Until recently Brave gave you every month a little BAT. At the moment I think they give it only when used by Android/iPhone for the first time.

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Thank you for poking at my brain.
I don’t like androids sign in everything with the Chrome browser. I’ll be using Brave on my mobile now. Excellent alternative.

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I think you’re bang on the money here @Zoki, huge overlap in users/interests here I’d say - privacy conscious / crypto aware / early adopters etc. - so it’s a great audience for SAFE in loads of ways, I’d agree


I have Brave on my desktop and laptop but not on the phone yet so I will download it via your referral link https://brave.com/saf440


When we have vaults running from home, somebody should do a pull request to add vaults/whm to the Brave browser. Brave already supports Tor…

It could become double fine for Brave users to get money through ads and farming.

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Second that. Just wanted to add that while advertising, the focus should be on vaults (even if the safe browser comes with it). If the advert pushes the SAFE browser, unlikely to get same success as users may not want to switch away from Brave. Also if some sort of an add in could be developed that works with SAFE browser and allows users to run SAFE vaults using the Brave browser that would be awesome. In my opinion. (dont want it to come out as competition but rather complimentary) thats the best way to peek interest, usually.


BAT users are already used to earning tokens using a browser. Advertising heavily that they can make further tokens by securely renting out their resources would be very attractive to them.
When they find out there is a browser and other services attached to the vault they just downloaded - then we would have them. :grinning:


Correct. I just want to make sure we separate out the Vault capability from the browser. Yes, once they find out about SAFE browser, they may download it but SAFE sites/Apps and penetration/use is quite far away, in my opinion. So in the interim, if we could have an add-in or something that would allow Brave users to download and run SAFE vaults, that would be killer. Decentralized storage is trillions of dollars in itself. On top of it, if we could have ability to exchange earned SAFEcoin into Brave and vice-versa, that would be even cooler. We can piggy back on Brave - they have a great team behind them (as one of the avenues). And then as SAFE network gains usage, and more Apps/sites are released, SAFE browser usage would increase too. But until then, there is no reason SAFE network cannot and should not expand purely for VAULTs and decentralized storage. Thats several billion GB in itself - would increase the value of SAFECOIN hugely.