I predict Sanders wins by the largest landslide in history

Sanders is the only viable candidate. The others are either conflicted (Paul) or a dynastic sell out flip flopper (Clinton) or money corrupted fools. There is a certain poetry to this. From Iraq and Osama we got Barack Obama. And now we go from Obama, a black man with a white man’s soul to a Bernie a white man with a black man’s soul and black man’s name. Resonance of Lenny Kravits. He might identify Semitic but he’s secular. Even if he won’t support their causes he will be more immune to the resistance the Semitic communities could throw at him. He’s also not the kind that will roll over for another supreme court selection. And he’s got the message that’s been being suppressed for 45 years ever since obsolete capital tried to put us on the path to the plantation with its terrorist austerity, ramped up monarchical oil mongering and puppet media coup. I think the time of treating humans with the principles of animal husbandry is over and the rise of Bernie and its aftermath will make that clear. Sanders will be in his second term when Corbyn becomes PM. Its over for the corporate welfare leisure class.

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Socialism: ultimately you run out of other people’s money:

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Same result with top down capitalism or communism. We have to recognize that labor and capital were two sides of the same coin. Labor is surely obsolete, its been the case for a long time. 2000 economists from around the world made the case 45 years ago that labor was obsolete. But the implication is that capital has been obsolete at least as long and further that labor’s claim based on contribution and sacrifice and costs paid is so much stronger its almost total. At this point all reamaining or viable solution are bottom up and non corporate, but clearly more socialist in spirit as there is a massive retributive element based on what capital has done in the intervening 45 years instead of facing its obsolesence.

Sanders seems smart enough to realize these failures of past implementions of socialist policies. Now, addressing these failures would require a government ready to think about old things in new ways and get serious about leveraging technology for the benefit of the people.

Fat chance.

If sanders is too successful, he’ll be shot by the likes of JFK’s killers, and we’ll all lose once again.

One of socialist fallacies about which @Tim87 commented in that topic about post-capitalism, I believe.
Namely, the socialists are annoyed by the all powerful government that works against people and their solution requires a powerful government strong enough to make changes.
Guess what would happen if the likes of EU bureaucrats get in the driver seat?

Sanders knows that the problem with socialism, capitalism and communism was that in practice they were all top down. Cooperative are bottom up and so is SAFE and a bunch of other tech. If they do something to Sanders we will catch it on camera and catch the chain of command behind it with stuff like Slur on SAFE. Lead in the gas and water in the US is what has (despite evolution of reasoning) scores made enough of America dumb enough to keep the right alive.