I miss David Irvine :,(

I miss his posts of wisdom, and talks of the future and thoughts and everything else…

But I hope he’s having a really well-deserved rest!

Just wanted to speak for everyone and say we all miss you here!

Privacy Security Freedom!


I just wish he has his jetpack (powered by it’s own gravity force) and sees mother nature in this way


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I had a dream the other day that he didn’t come back. I was in the worst mood that whole day.

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Seriously, I fear for his life. The high seas can be a pain under poor conditions. With all of the planetary weather patterns changing in wild and dramatically more unpredictable ways. Seeing his little boat being swallowed up in my mind has kept me up a least an hour or two. Not to mention special interest from clandestine and malicious jerks. He a decent guy who has worked himself incredibly hard to bring his dream to reality. He IMO deserves to see his brainchild born and thriving before he checks out to the unknown. I know he’s resting, but it would give at least me peace of mind if he had a sort of canary. A heartbeat in his online community reminding us that his existence continues. Oh well, I guess no bad news is in itself just that. So David wherever you are, sleep well, relish in the beauty of this magnificent planet, sooth your achy mind with the relaxing and healing rhythmic movement of the oceans tides, and eat all the natural omega 3’s you can. For when you return, the war continues. The army awaits its general. Peace!


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I’m sure if anyone can handle themselves at sea, it’s him. I didn’t know that’s how he’s spending his time off though, that’s cool!. I thought he was just resting at home :stuck_out_tongue:

When does he come back?

Does anybody know?

Should David Irvine be given a Noble Peace Prize. Perhaps he should share one with Vitalik Buterin.

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Doesn’t need to be. Material prizes are superficial. Symbolism is limited in its societal reach. When the time comes, he will easily be recognized as one of the fore fathers of a free open world. He pushed through in ways that seperate the strong from the weak. Relentlessly fighting to realize his goal. Now having been strongly tempered by the crucible. He cannot be denied. :sunglasses:

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