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How could safe network expedite medical break throughs?

Definitely no moonlighting for me, that’s for sure. If I can find an hour in the evening to play some guitar after the kids are asleep, then I’m a happy man!

At the risk of getting a little meta, I’ll indulge:

I I’m using my Fuji XT-3 with and 16mm lens that I normally take snaps of the kids with.Love that camera.

I’ve employed an led panel that normally helps balance the room light with my monitor to reduce eye strain, as a key light. And then I’ve got another wee sneaky light providing the tint in the lamp at the back.

Sound is an Audiotechnica shotgun mic just out of shot, through a DBX mic preamp, which has got a great expander/gate in it, so you can’t hear my computer taking off while it struggles with capturing it all! That was a game changer in audio quality, but also in the amount of post production on audio I needed to do, which is now zero.

Other than that it’s largely down to trial and error. My best decisions generally are to ignore my natural instinct for perfection, and just start doing things, and then improve it each time. The first few I did took days to set up, edit, and then tear down, but now I’m able to write a script in the morning, film it at lunch, and then have it uploading by the afternoon. It’s all got to fit in around the ‘day job’ as it were!

Key to that is doing it all in one take, so I don’t need to edit at all… the main bottleneck then is just GPU/CPU power, and my broadband upload speed… both of which can struggle TBH, video work is pretty demanding in that regard!


I posted this video in the privacy reddit and it was automatically flagged. I asked them to reconsider, but seems @JimCollinson is now classified by some as a YT personality.


Perhaps they can predict the future :thinking: ? Probably just ultra-sensitive privacy advocates’ knees jerking again though


I certainly did have a good chuckle at that! :joy:

Good lord.


Does that make you an influencer too @JimCollinson ? :rofl:


Once the network launches how will people buy SNT’s in bulk, not farming? Has the algorithm for farming SNT’s been finalized?


They would have to buy from an exchange or OTC/P2P. I’d suspect there would be some bridge to clearnet CEX/DEX probably via wrapped Safe Network Tokens. If looking to get SNT in bulk today, the best bet of course is to get MAID in bulk and exchange those 1:1 for SNT at launch.

I believe we’ll get a sneak peak at this with the upcoming testnet, which incorporates rewards.


Answering the question, with some action:


Hey, maybe you should upload all these videos to the testnet and link them in this topic! :smiley:


I think that’s a good idea too


It’s a nice idea, but I’m not sure how feasible that will be at the moment. Perhaps when we have the browser dialled in and some more front end bells and whistles.

Your video on When will the Safenet be finished is simply brilliant, especially for non technical people like me. It should be shared far and wide. Only thing is when I hit the share button it creates a link to and older video