I looked at the Top 50 Posts with the most Upvotes of All Time in Reddits r/CryptoCurrency sub to see why they performed so well, here is what I found

I wanted to do this exercise with the thinking that Reddit is one of the hottest go to places to discuss crypto currency but also technology. From a marketing perspective a lot more effort should be placed on Reddit in my opinion.

If I had the time I would look at not just the top 50 posts in r/cryptocurrency, but i’d look at the top 100 in r/bitcoin, r/privacy, r/technology, r/futurology and others.

The spreadsheet link is here: Reddit r-cryptocurrency top posts all time analysis.xlsx - Google Drive

Here is my rough couch-analysis.

  • The average word count of the Post Title is 18
  • 19 of the top 50 Posts had a concentration word count of between 1-11 words
  • The most widely used Post Flairs were Comedy, Politics & Warning
  • 30 of the Top 50 Posts used outbound links, 20 did not
  • Post type breakdown (Link, Picture or Text) was Picture 19, Link 17 and Text 14.
  • The top 5 Posts all had a high amount of Post comments with between 1.5k - 4.1k comments.
  • The bottom 5 Posts had low amount of Post comments with between 270 - 911 comments.
  • The top 5 Posts had upvote percentages between 81% - 88%
  • The bottom 5 Posts had upvote percentages between 83% - 93%
  • 4 of the Top 5 posts were Text type Posts
  • There was no correlation in the Top 5 Posts with Flair Types but there was when looking at the Top 10 Posts. 4 of the Top 10 Posts used the 3 most popular Flair Types (comedy, politics and warning)
  • There was no significant correlation between word count and top posts however the average word count in the Top 5 Posts was 19 and the average for the Bottom 5 Posts was 17

I will speculate further but lets get some discussion happening first, thanks


Were they all close to 18 or some very small and some very large?

I want to be very tactful about this. Everyone’s feelings are important here. I think this analysis is a waste of time. Here are a few reasons, just off the top of my head:

  1. Posts are not created in a vacuum. There is a context that goes with each one. Context is really what gives a post upvotes.
  2. The sample size is very small. Some of these posts may be old. By the time SAFE network is ready to be marketed, this analysis may not be very relevant.
  3. Marketing and persuasion are very subtle art forms with the exact language being very critical. Statistics like word count are not even close to capturing these subtleties.
  4. There is no hypothesis presented that we can check. With only 50 quotes it would be very easy to draw incorrect conclusions that overfit to the data that is presented.

Again, my apologies if anyone is offended.


Some very small like two words and some like over fifty. It’s all in the link if you can and want to access.

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Obviously I disagree.

This exercise is just that. An exercise. I did it in my own free time with free labour. It hasn’t cost anyone anything.

I said in the very beginning of this post that if I had the time I would analyse a hell of a lot more data, a lot more. I don’t have that time, maybe you do, if you do, please be my guest.

I also stated that this was a couch-analysis meaning it’s kind amateurish, not a great deal of thought or effort has gone into it. Again, the raw data is there to look at if you think you can glean more information from it please do so that is in fact what I was hoping people would do if they were interested.

Not offended at all.


I think it’s interesting for sure. Even if you can’t rule-in certain factors, you may well rule-out quite a few.


Precisely this.

I can already tell you from doing this exercise that if you posted something just in general about MAID you’d get crickets.

Something political that was perhaps generally about crypto but maybe was using MAID in the story might work better e.g. Scottish Parliament votes to Approve tax on Crypto Currency after consultation with local tech Crypto firm Maid Safe.

If you could look at maybe the top couple hundred posts of all time in this sub you’d have a far better chance of understanding what works.

Lots more to learn.

There are marketing companies out there specialising in this sort of thing on Reddit. But I’m sure they charge like wounded bulls.


I can think of one or two headlines that would generate a lot of clicks. The Safe Network has huge implications for the world and if played right, they could generate a lot of controversy … but maybe we should save some of those until the network is launched and unassailable.


Very interesting, thanks for the info @goindeep. Reddit’s a really interesting platform from the MaidSafe perspective. Some of the team use it heavily every day for different reasons (I’d count myself in that group) whilst it’s less of a priority for others. Personally I’d love to see far more activity on it but I appreciate the fact that from experience, people seem to find that there’s a slightly higher learning curve than e.g. Twitter before you see the real value so often people give up on it quite quickly.

It’s also clear that the demographic can be limited - skewed almost 2/3 male and heavily US-based (58%), followed by UK (3%) etc from the figures that I saw recently - but there’s no doubt that there’s a hugely active section of the crypto community on there still. But if you find an active community that’s focused on a key niche that you’re passionate about, it’s incredibly powerful.

I’m pretty sure that the reason that r/safenetwork is less active is because this forum is so good (particularly after looking at many other projects out there). But the answer is to promote both Forum use and Reddit use in an ideal world - as the barriers to stumbling across something interesting are far lower on Reddit. Like all these things, the success is down to the community not MaidSafe but we’re obviously keen to support. I wonder if the topic is potentially so broad that it prevents some people getting involved - i.e. is it about development releases, SAFE Network talks, podcasts, privacy stories, surveillance capitalism, open source software, meetups, other projects etc. I’d argue (unlike many areas) it’s probably about them all - but without a busy community that has some depth on that platform, that’s probably difficult for someone to see at first glance.

tl;dr Definitely an area for further focus on our part

[Edit: PS. Love the fact you used a clickbait-y title for this post as well - seeing your marketing chops in action :wink: ]


There’s the answer! Shut down this forum!! We’ll have to troll the reddits for our fix … marketing problem solved lol :wink:


I don’t see Twitter as having a teach heavy user-base. I’ve used Twitter but rarely do. I believe I have heard others here say similar things about it. To me it comes across as mini media platform, heavily politicized. Twitter does not show up in search results on Google as often as Reddit does too, that’s nothing I have data to back up just my own experiences.
Here is a good little article that kind of compares Reddit Now Has as Many Users as Twitter, and Far Higher Engagement Rates | Social Media Today

I wouldn’t necessarily consider limited as being a bad thing. We are after all talking about a very tech, privacy, security thing that is being marketed here, i’d suggest Reddit is an almost perfect channel for these things. Which leads me to the next point.

Yes I do see it as too broad, but this is why i’d recommend stories being spun specific facets related to the network e.g. on privacy you’d target the privacy subs, on security same, technology same, crypto and so on.

I am not sure we are on the same page though. I’m not suggesting anything about the SAFE community on Reddit, I am suggesting we market SAFE in other subs.


What I was meaning was more along the lines that, particularly in the earlier days, Twitter had a huge issue with getting people to understand how it worked - i.e. by putting a dot in front of the @handle at the start of a tweet it was a broadcast, as opposed to a simple @handle at the start of a tweet only showing up in the feed of the person you’ve replied to, and anyone that follows you both (and not everyone more generally). As a platform, it famously never really explained how it worked and just had a few unintuitive quirks that put people off from seeing how powerful it could be - sometimes for good.

Twitter had horrible onboarding for a long time and I think a lot of people who picked it up then couldn’t understand why people found it so valuable. Thankfully, they’ve got a lot better at that, but I think a lot of people are still confused by it and struggle to see the value. To which I always say: you’re following the wrong accounts - but that’s another story…

Agree with you on the demographic - it’s more likely you’ll find early SAFE adopters there than on the average high street - so it’s not a negative

Ah, sorry, my fault - you’re right, I’d originally read this as being focused on r/safenetwork! In which case I’d agree that, so long as people aren’t being seen as shamelessly inserting SAFE into every conversation in a way that a (dare-I-say-it) unscrupulous marketing team might, resulting in a pretty quick ban from that sub by the mods, then it’s definitely all valuable in terms of spreading the story.