I know it's borderline neurotic, but still


Yeh, replacing the safeicon and then there’s a script to generate the others needed.

If there’s one with a transparent background that would be best.


I believe the logo SVG I linked to in my previous post has a transparent background. I was assuming that that file could simply be used as is, and could replace the current “safeicon.svg” in the repository. I don’t know if the script you mentioned would also automatically generate a new “safeicon.png” to replace the PNG file too, or if that is a separate step. Anyway, I hope it’s a fairly easy change to make.


Aha, yeh it was the convert command I was using that was chucking in the white bg.

I’ve got another preserving transparency, but it’s currently turning the logo black :expressionless:

I’m attempting to use: http://superuser.com/a/723031/649195

Is there a high quality (1024) png available already converted somewhere @frabrunelle ?


Yeah, @BambooGarden and I also came across the issue with the logo appearing black. It appears blue when I open it in a Web browser, but it appears black when I open it in any other image viewer.

However, I only have basic familiarity with image editing, so I don’t really understand what the cause is. That SAFE Network logo mark from the MaidSafe Brand Assets page is the only source I am aware of for the proportionally correct version of the mark. But, based on the experiences a few of us have had with it now, it seems like it may have a color/transparency error of some sort? (Just a guess on my part.)

I worry that if we only replace “safeicon.png” in the repository, but leave the current “safeicon.svg” there, that someone else in the future might run the script again, using the disproportioned “safeicon.svg” currently there (not realizing that it is the older one with the errors), which will then overwrite the PNGs again.

I wish I could be more helpful, but it’s mostly outside my area of knowledge. Hopefully others with more understanding will have some ideas.


Unless I’m mistaken, the “safeicon.svg” file in the SAFE Browser repository is still the older, disproportioned version. (The file is located here.)

Is there any chance this can be corrected?

I should note that I think @joshuef made an effort to correct it around 2016-12-15. The SVG file was updated and correct for several days. However, on 2016-12-20, the repository displayed what appeared to be an error message next to the file, and reverted to the older error-containing version. I’m not sure why, and I don’t know if anyone else noticed this. (I cannot find records of this in the repository’s history, but I observed these changes myself.) The PNG files (which I think @frabrunelle updated on 2016-12-20) appear correct to me.

I guessed there was a decent chance others hadn’t noticed this, so after waiting awhile, I thought I might mention it here.


The “safeicon.svg” file is not being used by the SAFE Browser. I think it should be fine to remove it from the repo. Or if we want to keep it, we could include the “safenetwork_mark.72e4.svg” file from the MaidSafe website. What do you think?


Yes, we added @BambooGarden’s fixed Safecoin logo to https://maidsafe.net/assets.html :slight_smile:


If it is okay to simply remove “safeicon.svg” from the repository, that sounds fine to me.

I was mainly worried that the incorrect form of the logo would unknowingly spread sometime later, simply because it was in the repository. So, assuming that this is the last remaining location of the incorrect logo, removing it would seem to prevent that.

By the way, I really appreciate your help with these logos—so thanks, again.


Another thought just crossed my mind too: Even if the “safeicon.svg” is removed from the SAFE Browser repo, perhaps the SAFE Network logos could be added to the main SAFE Network repo, all in one place.

That is, a new directory inside the main repo could be created (similarly named “Brand Assets” or “Project Assets” or such), which would contain the various SAFE project logos and any other appropriate assets (and probably also a copy of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license they’re provided under).

There is already a directory in the main repo for the MaidSafe Whitepapers—so this would seem to be in line with such inclusions. (It might also be worth noting that Ethereum Classic approached it similarly in their repo with their “Media_Kit”.)

Anyway, there’s no pressure from me to do this. I just thought I’d throw that idea out there, to see what others thought.


I was looking at using the logo svg file to help generate a #D print of the logo.

When going through the svg file for the logo from the web site https://maidsafe.net/assets.html I noticed that the file is still generating inconsistent sizing.

For instance some of the circles are 7.006 radius and some are 7.000

This is minor I know but it is still in error.

ALSO the reason for bringing this up is the svg file is overly complex and uses line segments for what should be a mathematically correct layout.

I have for my use redone the svg file manually so that all circles are the correct size and the lines are exact positioned. I don’t have time to map out all the ever so minor errors caused by using the “PATH” construct and drawing with a hundred small joined together segments. I have used circle and rectangle constructs to build the logo which makes it much more maintainable and usable for 3D modeling.

Interested in what I’ve done.

EDIT: Seems discourse has trouble uploading the svg file


Hi, tried my hand at this too a while back, see here in this forum.

For what it’s worth:


This pattern is geometrically correct.

The only issue is that the width is marginally larger 97.2 instead of 97.1384387. I would correct this before saying its complete

This version is using actual constructs of circles and rectangles and not someones/draw program rendering of points into a line drawing then filling that in which is prone to error. By using these geometrical constructs then the rendering program puts the lines in the exact position without having to worry about rounding etc. So instead of some circles that are 7.006 and some that are 7.000 we get all the circles that are 7.000. Also all the lines are exactly in the right position rather then 0.00x off

@nicklambert, @BambooGarden, @Scott, are you interested in this version that is easy to update/understand at the design level. If so then I can correct the height to make it exactly geometrically correct.


Oh what the hell. I fixed it up completely, even added a description into the svg file to help the next poor sod who wants to dabble. Included the calculations too.

Have set width=“971.384” height=“1100” and can change it if you wish


hey neo, that’s appreciated! Yes, I did realize that the version I produced was not perfect because illustrator was always doing these rounding up/down and snap-to-grid things that resulted in very small deviations.
I just didn’t know how else to do it. If you found a better way then I salute you and am in favor of using your
version. Cheers :slight_smile:

Also feel free to double-check the safecoin logo (there might be similar small deviations) and the maidsafe logo (there are big errors in there, haven’t done any work on that one at all)


Sure have found a better way. By hand and using actual circle / rectangle constructs.

You can read the svg file I made - it is text editable, just open the svg file in a text editor


<circle cx="90.138" cy="31.000"  r="7.000" fill="#5b91cc" />
<circle cx="90.138" cy="55.000"  r="7.000" fill="#5b91cc" />
<circle cx="90.138" cy="79.000"  r="7.000" fill="#5b91cc" />

<g transform="translate(7.000   31.000)  rotate(90)">    <rect x="0.000"  y="-3.000" width="24.000" height="6.000" fill="#5b91cc" /> </g>
<g transform="translate(27.785  19.000)  rotate(90)">    <rect x="0.000"  y="-3.000" width="24.000" height="6.000" fill="#5b91cc" /> </g>
<g transform="translate(27.785  43.000)  rotate(90)">    <rect x="0.000"  y="-3.000" width="24.000" height="6.000" fill="#5b91cc" /> </g>


Well I took it as good since it was made up of polygon point set and I was too lazt to map it out to get actual dimensions. Maybe later when I get bored.

But I did import the polygon point set into openSCAD to make a 3D model of the SAFEcoin symbol

EDIT: I did some looking at the svg file text and indeed it has issues.

One such example (not the only one)

@BambooGarden do we know where safecoin symbol came from. Do we have any information on the angles and shapes it was supposed to be

I can see that 30 degrees is correct for nearly all angles. And most bars are of the same size, but one bar is slightly smaller. I am not talking of the thick section


the safecoin logo is the result of a competition maidsafe hosted on 99designs (same platform that gave us the network logo). I don’t think there are any specifications for angles etc, generally speaking the developers on that platform did a bit of a hurried job and left us with these logos that we have to clean up ourselves. So in that sense I guess you have the freedom to do it as you please, anything will be better than what they left us with :wink:


Thanks for that.

I can recreate the symbol using mostly rectangles and I think I will need a couple of triangles in the mix.

That way rearranging is a breese, just use a text editor rather than a graphics package that can screw things up. Also can get alignments as accurate as the svg display program can render the image. Will this help the IE scaling issue, I hope so.


My first attempt at correcting the safecoin symbol.

After examining the structure and point list it seems that the original design/intent had all points relating to each other with only need to decide on width of the outer bars, the cutaway GAP and the overall radial length of the hexagon

The current version has errors and it seems to be a little off from the geometrical symmetry of the original intent/design.

We are talking of one dimension out by some 1-2% so it is reasonable that rather than pure adhoc distances the intent was to have geometrical relationships and symmetry I suspect that some of the distances were moved when previous fixups solved other problems but introduced the relationship differences.

As a result of this the gaps on the inside of the symbol are slightly different, but at least in relation to everything else.

So here is my first unchecked :slight_smile: attempt. Please @BambooGarden and/or @SilasB tell me where it is wrong.


This is admittedly not my area of expertise, and you’re certainly much more knowledgeable about working with these images than I am. But, based on what I could see by checking out the images and markup, everything looks okay. The proportions and lines all look fine, and the colors also display properly in various image viewers (which is an issue with the current SAFE Network Mark from MaidSafe’s Brand Assets page).

The only thing I can think of to mention (without drifting too far into OCD territory) is that it might be worth adding the title to the code of the logo files. By that, I simply mean something like:

"<title>safe_network_mark</title>" to the SAFE Network Mark SVG


"<title>safecoin_mark</title>" to the Safecoin Mark SVG

(The Brand Assets version of the SAFE Network Mark includes a title, but the Brand Assets Safecoin Mark does not.)