I know it's borderline neurotic, but still

both @savage and myself have been playing around with the new logo (see this thread: Making use of the new logo) and independently realized that the version that 99design gave us has flaws in it. Nothing too obvious but once you work with it it becomes immediately apparent: some of the nodes are odd sized.

To illustrate this: the same orange circle fits the middle node perfectly but is smaller than the outer nodes, take a look:

besides this issue, some of the lengths are disproportionate as well.

With the help of @savage, here is the corrected version:

@nicklambert: I know there are bigger and more pressing things to do but can we please have this cleaned up? Replace them on the brand assets page? I swear my OCD is killing me :wink: Best to do it now before the logo is widely adopted. This is the next internet after all :slight_smile:


@Scott is out today, but back in tomorrow. He can pick off any urgent things that @Krishna_Kumar has for him first and then he can have a look at the logo. Thanks for the extra effort @BambooGarden and @Savage!


@BambooGarden thanks for bringing this up, I don’t think we’d have noticed it otherwise! :upside_down:

I’ve updated all our assets to include a new mark where the node size and spacing is more consistent. Some of these have been added to our assets page have been updated.

I’m also sharing an editable illustrator file of the full colour logo with everything included as shapes and paths so it’s a little easier for everyone to play around with! :smile:

Here’s a link to the .ai file on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/33kuztfxx0hmhkz/logo_edit_mark.ai?dl=0 (original file didn’t upload!)


awesome - thanks for cleaning this up. it is a similar story with the safecoin logo - will be posting the corrected version shortly here.


turning towards the safecoin logo… Most obvious issue illustrated here:

other than that there are lots of odd angles and lenghts in there too.

fixed version uploaded to the same folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qctr69dn5j78p0r/AACWEo7jgH_9c9HHkcX1NZO0a?dl=0

thanks @Scott for having a look here as well :slight_smile:


As someone who can empathize with perfectionist leanings, I really appreciate your (@BambooGarden, @Savage, @Scott, and others) efforts in cleaning up these logos. So, even though it’s a relatively small thing, thanks.


Thread reminds me of Flatland… surely it’s just a matter of perspective… they’re all the right size, it’s just you’re looking at them in the wrong order!


Looks like you got to do the forum logo all over @frabrunelle :grin:

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I don’t remember seeing this confirmed in any other thread, so I thought I’d ask here. I also don’t intend this in a nagging way at all, but am simply curious about the status of the logo corrections.

Have all of the SAFE Network and Safecoin logos been corrected now? Are all of the logos on the MaidSafe Brand Assets page the corrected/updated versions? Additionally, have they also been corrected/updated in the other places they’re used (such as in the forum logos, web pages, style guides, and software)?


I just checked…

Safe Network Mark: This seems to be the updated version, all nodes are the same size (hope this also applies to all other places that it is used)

Safecoin Mark: This is NOT the updated version, it’s still a crooked mess when you zoom in and play with it :frowning:

@Scott: could you please have another look at this? the links I posted in this thread with the corrected versions should still be active.

Other comments:

When downloading the Safe Network Logo and the Safe Network Mark individually and opening them on my computer, they are completely black, not blue anymore. Anybody else can confirm this?
(I’m on Mac with Adobe Illustrator CS5). When downloading through the “download all” buttom it works just fine.

As for the MaidSafe White and SafeNetwork Logo Mono files: when you download and open them it’s just white on white, so nothing visible. Can we change the background to grey here? like in the thumbnails on the website?

Filenames: when downloading through the “download all” buttom the filenames are ok (e.g. safenetwork_logo.svg), however when downloading the SVGs individually the filenames are different and weird (e.g. safenetwork_logo.afd1.svg). Why is this? Are they not the same files?

In my opinion: as nice as all of the logos and new wallpapers are: lets clean up this mess before generating more content, please. It looks borderline unprofessional when people zoom in and discover all these errors :confused:


I just realized another thing: it’s the same with the MaidSafe Mark. It’s uneven, the lines don’t line up :frowning:

a bit frustrating really, in my opinion this has to be corrected and the corrected version should be applied throughout all the other material it has been used in. I’m happy to make it even but only if i’m sure that the corrected version will also be used…


I just updated the forum logo using the corrected version :slight_smile:


MaidSafe needs a Quality Control Department and @BambooGarden needs to head it :joy_cat:

ALL master copies for graphics MUST be in the SVG format. SVG files MUST use constants v.s. inlined values, and all final coordinates MUST resolve to numbers that are represented exactly within the IEE 754 binary32 (“single precision floating-point number”) framework.

EASY! :smirk_cat:


First, thanks for updating the forum logo, and for letting us know.

Second, is the correction limited to the main forum logo for now, or have the other places where it’s used in the forum also been updated (e.g. the mark when it appears next to a topic title, the favicon, the SAFE Dev Forum, etc.)?

Third, if I come across as being pushy rather than helpful by asking about minutiae like this, let me know. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah, I just noticed that the SAFE Dev Forum logo has changed. I guess that answers part of my question above.


the mark when it appears next to a topic title

I think you’re referring to the small logo at the top left that can seen when scrolling down. Yes, it has been updated. The logo that you see on mobile and the favicon have also been updated.

The logos on the SAFE Dev Forum have also been updated. I changed the color to #303030 to make it easier to see the difference between the two forums.

I also updated the SAFE Network logo in a few other places:

And I updated the favicons of safenetwork.org and apps.safenetwork.org.

If you think there are other places that need to be updated, feel free let me know :slight_smile:


I tested this and noticed the same issue. However, I also noticed a strange discrepancy, so I don’t know if the errors are in the SVG files themselves or not: When I open them in Ubuntu (with GNOME Image Viewer), they do appear black. However, when I open them with Firefox, they appear blue. Any idea as to what might cause the difference in rendering?

It depends on which program you open them in. Although they may appear invisibly white in some browsers (like Firefox), they should be visible in an image viewer that handles transparency effects by displaying the background as a gray grid. So I think the SVG files themselves are fine in that regard, and it’s more an issue of the program one views them in.

I checked myself too. I noticed the gap you indicated. In addition, I also noticed a similar (and longer) gap along the outer edge corner below it.


Thanks again for updating the logos. The updates you made included more places than I expected. The only other place I’m note sure if the SAFE Network logo might need updating is in the SAFE Browser software. Perhaps @joshuef can confirm whether the logo used in the latest version is the corrected logo or not.

On a related note, I did think of this: Should the SAFE Network Wiki logo be the MaidSafe Penrose triangle mark (as it is currently), or should it be the SAFE Network mark?

As for the logos that have yet to be fixed, I suppose that just leaves the Safecoin logo and the MaidSafe Penrose triangle mark (both of which have errors mentioned in previous posts in this thread).

As for the MaidSafe mark (the Penrose triangle), I’d of course be happy to see it cleaned up too—but I guess (unlike the SAFE Network and Safecoin logos) that is something MaidSafe can decide is worthwhile or not, rather than the community.

It does seem like it might be worth at least fixing the Safecoin logo, though. It would seem to be simpler to correct it now, rather than to try to do so later, after it has spread to many different places. That being said, if others do not find it significant enough to warrant the necessary attention or time, I don’t want to cause unnecessary distractions.


I had the same idea. Would make more sense to have it be the Safe Network logo. The wiki is not about the company but rather about the network.

Safecoin logo is already fixed and the link was posted in this thread, here it is again: [quote=“BambooGarden, post:5, topic:11134”]
fixed version uploaded to the same folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qctr69dn5j78p0r/AACWEo7jgH_9c9HHkcX1NZO0a?dl=0

it’s just a matter of replacing the broken version with the fixed version on the brand assets page which didn’t happen so far :frowning: maybe @frabrunelle could help out here as well?


No it is not! I wasn’t aware that was adopted officially, but if so, that’s no great shakes to update.

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@joshuef I think it has already been confirmed that this is the fixed/updated SAFE Network logo. To update them in the SAFE Browser, does this one simply need to be swapped in place of the others here? (I don’t know if it would be simpler to do it before the repos are transferred to MaidSafe in a few days, or if that doesn’t make a difference.)

@frabrunelle Any word on whether @BambooGarden’s fixed Safecoin logo is acceptable to replace the current disproportionate ones?

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