I Just Featured the SAFE Network in a Series of Articles on SteemIt

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while but maybe some of you remember me? Very excited about the recent Alpha client news. It’s created quite a stir, including on the blockchain-backed social media site SteemIt.com which I’ve been checking out for the past couple of weeks. I just wrote a series of four articles on SteemIt about how I think SteemIt and MaidSafe will go great together.
Please check them out if you get a chance. Thanks!

Part 1: How SteemIt Can Benefit From MaidSafe and the SAFE Network https://steemit.com/maidsafe/@nonlinearone/how-steemit-can-benefit-from-maidsafe-and-the-safe-network

Part 2: MaidSafe 101 - The SAFE Network, MaidSafeCoin, MAID, SafeCoin and Project SAFE https://steemit.com/maidsafe/@nonlinearone/maidsafe-101-the-safe-network-maidsafecoin-maid-safecoin-and-project-safe

Part 3: MaidSafe Alternatives, or “Doesn’t Project ‘X’ Already Do What MaidSafe and the SAFE Network Does?” https://steemit.com/maidsafe/@nonlinearone/maidsafe-alternatives-or-doesn-t-project-x-already-do-what-maidsafe-and-the-safe-network-do

Part 4: Conclusions on SteemIt + MaidSafe, Featured Articles, and Footnotes https://steemit.com/maidsafe/@nonlinearone/conclusions-on-steemit-maidsafe-featured-articles-and-footnotes)

It would be great if someone from MaidSafe could stop by and say “Hi” and show some community goodwill in one of those posts (though I imagine everyone is busy lol). Anyway, very exciting times. FYI my username on SteemIt is @nonlinearone.


Excellent Series . Well written !

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woow, nice writing, now you have made me want to look more closely at steem. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’m exhausted but I think it was worth it. Cheers!


Not to spam too much :wink: but if you want the “fire hose introduction to Steem for cryptonerds” check this video/post out https://steemit.com/meetup/@nonlinearone/video-of-steem-and-steemit-talk-at-the-blockchain-meetup-in-phoenix-az-aug-9-2016

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Thanks for those articles. Really great. The future will be projects working together in a million ways. :grinning:


Excellent! It’s a really well presented series, very appropriate to the Steamit crowd.