I interviewed a Cardano stake pool operator and asked him about SAFE

If you want to skip it the TLDR is this:

A: You mentioned moving away from AWS. I just finished interviewing Dimitar Dimitrov from SAFE. Have you considered combining Cardano with another project whose focus is decentralized web/storage?

AG: From what I understand about SAFE, it uses spare server resources from the public to operate a decentralized network that way. I am not sure how or if it would work with the Cardano network but certainly something that can be explored in the future. One thing that is already being utilized on Cardano is a decentralized file storing using the IPFS protocol (https://ipfs.io/). It is currently the most commonly used method of saving the files linked to native tokens and NFTs in the Cardano space.


Hey there my friend. Our project does indeed combine Cardano and Safe Network in just the way he mentioned and a lot more! We think they are the perfect pair for the revolutionary endeavor we have embarked upon.