I hope safe can beat them to this

I have no clue technically how this compares to what Safe will do. It looks good though.

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After skimming their white paper, it looks like an interesting project, but it has some things that definitely differentiate it from this one.

  • It still relies on a blockchain, which is a fundamental difference. That’s not necessarily bad, but I think the Safe project approach is better.

  • They rely on miners, or people with technological savvy, to build up computational power and add it to the network as a hub/node. It seems like they will run into the same problems as Tor has, where you have more or less anonymous hubs/nodes that could potentially spy on you. They talk about a reputation system, but offer little explanation as to how something like that would work. It sounds like it would be network managed by an automated system, but that seems easy to circumvent for something as devious as, say, the NSA. This also gets a little convoluted, because they go into some “pie in the sky” concepts where they are utilizing the computational power of everything, or the “IoE”, with no real explanation as to how that would work. It isn’t a terrible idea, in concept, but going from their miner model to that would be a difficult, and very long transition.

  • There seems to be no real thought put into security. I think this is their main downfall. They are utilizing existing technologies (they cite torrenting) to deliver their resources throughout the network. The Safe approach seems to be much more well thought out in the security realm which I think would be their main selling point over something like this project. If you can guarantee safe and anonymous transactions where it would be nearly impossible to hack or spy on someone, I think that would easily win out over a project like this. Especially since this project relies so heavily on technologically savvy people that Safe could reach out to and easily flip to their side with (IMO) a superior thought out project and implementation.


SONM seems to be more a competitor to Golem if I am understanding all these projects right.