I Have problem transferring my maidsafecoin from hitbtc to poloniex

Please I need a serious help I have 3458 maidsafecoin in hitbtc exchange, I transferred it to poloniex exchange but is not reflecting in my poloniex maidsafe wallet I have 0.0004 Btc in my maidsafe block chain wallet to cover the cost but still can not find my maidsafecoin in the block chain explorer but only seeing the 0.0004 Btc in the explorer network please I need urgent help. Below is my ID, maidsafe wallet and a screenshot.

Tx Id. 4a3a3ed0-1035-4813-a0fe-3324725d26d7
2017-12-19 14:21:13
MAID -3458.00000000

Hi Stanley,

This is an issue to raise with the hitbtc exchange as they are the ones processing this transaction. Typically exchanges will charge you the currency you are with drawing to process for the transaction (for example Poloniex will charge 10 MAID for a withdrawal) so you shouldn’t need btc to process this transaction. There are quite a few examples of transactions experiencing delays as exchanges struggle to cope with demand. I would recommend raising a ticket with them if you continue to experience delays. Sorry we couldn’t help and best of luck getting this sorted out.


Sorry here is the screenshot

HI everyone, I transfered my maidsafe coins from omniwallet 48 hours ago and it still didn’t arrive… i am beginning to really worry. Did it already happen to one of you? it says that transaction is unconfirmed… how is it possible after 2 days…?
here is the transactions detail https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/address/143F7Pe1mQpVnN4gQ8YQoM11n4VjGH7DqE/transactions
thank you

hi Cryptos:
It is BTC transaction, so you have to wait. BTC network has now very high transactions fees. I think, that would be done during Christmas.

It’s everyone, not just you guys. I also tried to send a load of MAID from polo to cold storage 2 days ago and it is still unconfirmed.

They all are if you take a look at MAID txs…


Blame the bcash crew for spamming the mempool imo. Roger and Jihan are trying to make BTC as inconvenient as possible to make their arguments as valid/persuasive as they can.


Polo charges a fee of 10 Maidsafecoins, I think that is a little bit low ? Waiting since yesterday that my transaction gets confirmed.

I used Bittrex few days ago and made 2 transactions when maintenance of MAID wallet finished and it cost me only 2 MAID each and it was confirmed in just few hours. They can charge you however want, but important is fee per B for your transaction and that is up to exchange company.

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hello! i have the same problem as well…with hitbtc to my desktop maid wallet.2 transactions…both with yellow dots.funny thing is in acount total(in the transaction section) it says i have 293 maid(but shows 0 in main account)…thats the amount i tried to send…so im guessing its just btc blockchain problems?

On HitBTC .
Those arrows on the deposit/accounts page… To withdraw you have to transfer the coins from the TRADING ACCOUNT to the MAIN ACCOUNT. Click the left arrow under the trading account in the picture to transfer the funds to the main account, then you can withdraw.

HitBTC has never given me any problems with anything I’ve purchased there.

It does cost 100 maid to withdraw. Which is quite a bit

If you click that yellowthing it explains what to do.

thanks for the reply! yeah im aware of those arrows to exchange coins from trading etc…but i have sent those maids and the yellow dots show a pending transaction…thats where it is stuck…

still waiting on those maid transfers…have emailed hitbtc…

Hi. I have the same problem that I sent my 100 Maidsafecoin to my paper wallet and I still waiting from 19/12/2017. It is normal wait so long time? I sent an request and they didn’t answer me never. This is the worse exchange that I have used in my live. Please if anybody can help me or have some information that could help me…thanks a lot

mine still havemt gone through since Thursday…i have sent 2 email requests and no one has gotten back to me either…

It seems to me that Bitcoin is Broken, and since MaidSAFE coin runs on top of Bitcoin, that doesn’t bode very well… I have my coin in a paper wallet that just has tad bit of bitcoin in it… In order to move it anywhere, don’t I need enough bitcoin to pay the miner fees? In order to get enough to pay the miner fees into my wallet, I have to pay the miner fees – So its probably going to cost 100 bucks just to move my MAID?

Unfortunately this is going to get a ton worse before it gets better, I am afraid…


This is my concern too. This whole omni/btc debacle is only going to get worse!

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i dont like the sound of any of that!

You will need to wait some time because there are millions of transactions going on and since the number of miners is not that much, it takes time. Hope your problem gets resolves. And as @nicklambert mentioned, you must open a ticket with your exchange. Merry Christmas!

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The problem isn’t the number of miners. Bitcoin is set to make 10 blocks per hour no matter how many miners there are. The problem is simply the 1MB block size limit…

Mempool size – 121 MB
New transaction per hour 13000 * average size 250 bytes = 3.5 MB
Blocks per hour 6 *1 mb = 6 MB/hr
Posible catch up speed = 6mb/hr -3.5 MB/rt = 2.5 MB/hr
121/2.5 = 118 hrs… / 24 we could get caught up in 5 days or so…

If something happens to generate more trading, the number could spike higher – I also think my calculation may be low, because I don’t see any :unconfirmed transactions per hour stat… There may be more tthat 13000 transactions per hour that all go unconfirmed…

The only reason this is likely to get better is because merchants will stop taking bitcoin, and fewer people will use it… We also have fewer bitcoin address that are usable, (their contents are less than the fees) so that will hamper transaction counts…