I have forgot my coin address

a while back i’ve had some storj coins in counterwallet. also i’ve forgot the address, and as far as i can see counterwallet.io doesn’t seem to work anymore. all i have is the 12 words pass-phrase. can someone help me, please, with recovering the very small amount of coins i’ve had (and probably still have) and teach me how to convert them in bitcoins or safecoins? a step by step instruction set would be great and much appreciated.
and btw, can’t wait for the network launch :smile:

Hi Bugsbunny
first enter your 12 phrase in the counterwallet

This is how you access your privatekey, click on “Address Actions”

Copy your privatekey

You can import your key in a wallet like omniwallet.org this way you can see your coins. Check out this post. If you import to omniwallet, keep in mind it will take time before you see your Maidsafecoins due to bitcoins blockchain time update.



If you wanted to convert your Storjcoin X (SJCX) for BTC or Maidsafe (MAID), then you would need to send your SJCX to an exchange.

You can see what exchanges serve what currency via http://coinmarketcap.com/assets/storjcoin-x/#markets So, Poloniex looks the highest volume for SJCX and also would allow you to buy MAID (which is the coin that will be converted to Safecoin when SAFE is running beta+)… and to do that you would sell into BTC and then buy MAID with BTC. There will be a loss at each turn as the exchange takes a small cut.

Also, to send coins from CounterWallet, you will need a very small amount of BTC on the wallet… I can’t recall exactly but it’s something like 0.005BTC. Easier when you’ve done it a few time to understand what’s going on.

The MAID you buy can then be withdrawn back to the same Bitcoin address as the CounterWallet address… but will not show up in CounterWallet as it’s on a different layer… so goto OmniWallet… same idea and equally secure as CounterWallet but serving the Omni platform… there you enter your public key and you can see your balance… you only need to put your private key to that when making an action like sending. Hope that helps.


thank you guys for your quick answers. i have successfully logged into my account on counterwallet. i have also imported the private key to a new account on omniwallet.
problem solved

OmniWallet did not import anything; it’s simple a different perspective on the same private key.

You cannot get around that both CounterParty and Omni platforms require a small amount of bitcoin to action changes on the private key account… they both work on the underside of the BTC blockchain; the only upside is that you only need to send once and both CounterParty and Omni will see that. I don’t know if it’s 0.005BTC, just put something small like 0.05 and that should be good for many transactions.

What do you think, how do you solve the problem where you need 5 bucks in your pocket and you have only $1.90?
Obviously you need to “get” the difference.

You’re not wrong, you can’t do that effectively because transactions on the bitcoin network aren’t free.

taking my example in which i need 0.005 bitcoins, to get the difference i have to pay another fee to exchange fiat for bitcoins, right? not to mention that it is actually impossible to get that small amount of needed bitcoin from an exchanger. so how does this mean micropayment system for the average person?

Yes, usually around 0.2% or so, so should you decide to use an exchange, you’d remain forever poorer by 2-3 cents.

But it’s not actually impossible to get that small an amount at any exchange that I used.

so basically what you’re saying is that you know of an exchange in which i pay 1.2$ (actual price of 0.005 bitcons) + 2-3 cents (the exchange fee) to receive 0.005 bitcoins in my address? could you please share where to find this exchange?

Cryptsy is 0.33% for micro-sized trades. I know some take less. Poloniex takes 0.2%. Take into account that the minimum amount you can send out may exist, as well as a minimum transaction charge, so if the both are 0.001 or so, so you may need to buy 0.006, pay 0.001 for transfer, and receive 0.005. Although I actually think you need less than 0.005 (you may need less than that - https://counterpartytalk.org/t/about-transaction-fee/534).

Some exchanges allow you to fund your purchase with a credit card, e.g. coin dot mx, but I don’t know what are the minimum amounts, etc.

If you have a recent PC you could join a mining pool to mine any new & trade-able coin for a few days and earn enough to buy 0.005 BTC.

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