I have a transsexual chicken!

I’ve heard one of my hens crow before, sounding like a young rooster, even when the actual rooster was still alive and well. He didn’t seem to mind. An actual competing rooster, he would have killed. Even then I noticed this hen showed a peculiar interest in joining in when the rooster would mate with another hen.

Today, for the first time, I saw the hen Susanna clucking in a particular way and offering one of the younger hens a worm she’d found, exactly like a good rooster does. The younger hen (Blanca) understood what was meant, and came to get the worm, while still being clearly cautious. A regular hen would have eaten the worm herself and pecked at anybody who tried to come close. For a long time I wasn’t sure Sussi laid any eggs, but I have later confirmed she does.

I’m very much heterosexual myself, so this kind of behavior is strange to me. But it’s clearly not “unnatural”. Nature is what it is. I’ve read about homosexuality among mammals, but chickens are, after all, pretty primitive animals, closely related to the old dinosaurs. Fascinating!

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Tim Pool has been mentioned a few times on his show that one of his hens has taken on the role of rooster. Not uncommon at all from what I understand. I have 4 hens, but all normal.

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Yes, I’ve read about that. But I think crowing is taking it a bit further than usual. Also, Sussi crowed and seemed interested in other hens even when the regular rooster was around.

I reckon that’s what “normal” means. If it’s common, it’s normal. Everything that exists is at least “natural”, if you ask me.

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