I had created long time ago an account - reset please

I would like my account be reset, i had created it long time ago had it saved in keepassxc but since then I installed new OS and all files lost!!!

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Which account are you talking of?

  • alpha 2 account OR
  • This forum account? OR
  • ???
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Alpha 2 account!!!

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That is impossible, you will need a new invite and make a new account.

A @moderator will PM you one when the invite server is back up.

@Nadia, seems the invite server is down again


Only seeing this now. Have checked the server and it’s up for me at the moment. Is it still down for you? I’ll check with the guys to see if they’ve noticed any issues.


@neo It seems from our end that https://invite.maidsafe.net/ has been up & stable since we fixed it last week, could it maybe just be a browser cache issue that’s causing you to not be able to connect to it?


I had not looked at the invite since before that. So no cache.

Probably ng being a pain in the you know with some of the intermittent faults it has in certain circumstances.

Its working fine for me now so all good.


So i cant create an account now with the new invitation code… I use the invite url to set the ip then I am on mobile authenticator and when I click create account after entering secret and password I get could not connect to safe network!

Does the mobile authenticator work for others?

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Hi @dreamerchris, let’s just make sure you are following the correct steps and get all necessary information to ensure we can help narrow down what your issue is.
So I assume you are doing the following:

  1. On your mobile device you are logged into the forum then visiting https://invite.maidsafe.net and setting your IP.
    NOTE - this must be set on the same mobile device which you are attempting to authenticate via.

  2. On your mobile device you are launching the latest mobile authenticator, clicking to create an account, then entering your invitation token
    NOTE - you should not be pasting the full invite URL, maybe that’s what you were sent? You should only be pasting the invite code itself.

Assuming you’re following these steps correctly then please let me know the following details:

  • Is your mobile device connected to Wifi, or mobile/cellular data?
  • Is your mobile device connecting through a VPN, proxy server, or any other setup which could affect the connection?
  • Are you on Android or iOS? What version?

Android latest mobile auth, wifi, ip set and used only the code that I was given its not a url

It says cannot connect to safe network

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Sent @dreamerchris a private message to confirm which token they are using. What I suspect is happening is that they are setting the IP on the token previously linked to their account, not the new token.
Have suggested updating the invite URL to the new token, then setting the IP for that, hopefully will resolve the issues :slight_smile:

There must be a way through the UI to update your forum account to link to a new token so that in a scenario such as this the user doesn’t need to edit the URL manually, but I can’t seem to find how. Anyone else here know?

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That was it thank you!!!


When I receive new invites they have the new token in the URI, so if you use the supplied link rather than go to invite.maidsafe.net it will work.

I think the error may be in instructions supplied with new invites. This should override the default advice which is targeted only at the first use.


So it seems the only solution for people who aren’t using their original token is for them to bookmark their new IP reset URL, no way to link to their forum account. Agree with Happybeing that this is something for those who distribute invite codes to include in any default instructions that they send out with new invite codes.