I got it ...! It is installed..:-)


HI yall. I am really excited about the new inter-safe-net. :-)… But I am terrible at going beyond pressing the on/off button of my computer… ( exagerating a bit - but not so much if compared to the devs of MS… …)

well. I got the browser running but what now ? it seems it is not logging to the network…

if there were some “safe network book for dummies” my two neurons , Chip and Dale, would find it most useful! :slight_smile:



Were you able to create an account? Did you add your current IP address to the whitelist on https://invite.maidsafe.net?


yes . I set it as required…


You should be ready to start browsing then. You can keep an eye out for web sites people post links to. There are a couple of websites listed in this post: MaidSafe Dev Update - August 31, 2017 - Test 19


Thanks Drehb . it worked ! :smiley:


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