I feel a disturbance in the GitHub

Like many many version numbers just got bumped…

What can it mean?


Can it be that the waters have broken for baby fleming?


The routing library for the vault just had it’s target tag changed…

routing = { git = "https://github.com/maidsafe/routing.git", tag = "baby_fleming_v1" }

And that’s a biiggggg changelog: https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_vault/commit/134469e52b142df15862f59d95902ce7e4779ceb


Yeee- ha!!!


Hang on. Just checking the Book of Revelations…


Blame @bochaco @lionel.faber and @StephenC (at a minimum) They are pushing the wee baby out fast, this week, who knows? but fast. We iterate an awful lot from here so expect lots of bugs, fixes and API changes/clarifications in quick succession. this will show what a dedicated team can achieve I recon. iterate is key here everyone, the baby will stumble and fall, that’s OK the thing is it has to exist


THIS so much. There is nothing wrong with having lots of releases and a number of bugs. I would rather see releases monthly and lots of bugs(many of which can even be community reported!) than see large windows of no releases and just holding onto the assumption progress is being made in the background. Also when bugs are out in the open in a release there is the chance others out there in the open source community may spot and fix them with a PR rather than having to rely on internal research all the time. This project being still so knew and untested/unkown won’t get much help there, but if you get to a v1 and interest takes off from some tech folk, then it will certainly get that good treatment big open source projects get from a community.


I want to chime in and shout THIS! ^^

That’s what babies are for - testing, stumbling, falling, testing again, taking a few more steps, stumbling again. And they have to exist to do that!


Is baby Fleming, Fleming without farming or are there other components to be added also?