I can get my website up and running as a beginner?

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Hi @xoneum, and welcome.

I’m replying here to keep the intro topic to intros.

The answer to your question depends on what you want the website to do. We have had some interesting websites up in the past, but the features available have taken a step back in terms of the API.

If you want to create a static website that should be fine though. Say a bit more if you want the site to be able to do specific things like upload data etc. I have a blog website which shows what you can definitely do now - here’s the same website on the normal internet: https://dweb.happybeing.com

I have not uploaded that to the current test network, but it was working on SAFE just as shown at that link so that’s something you can do.

Hope that helps. Keep asking questions and someone will try to help.

Good luck,